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The AMS Fulfillment Family is a Family that Cares

There are few things more damaging to the mental and physical health and wellbeing of the individual or family than being homeless. And homelessness can come about for any number of reasons, not associated with drug or alcohol abuse or mental illness.

 In moments of vulnerability, many of us have come to realize how close to homeless we would be if we lost a few paychecks, or our good health. So, it makes sense that caring for the homeless is a sign of a healthy community, made up of people who are not only kind-hearted, but wise, as in the proverb, “There but for the grace of God, go I.”

 AMS Fulfillment is a Santa Clarita Valley business recognized as exceptional in its community involvement. The company nurtures the ‘AMS as a caring family’ ideal, with management and employees volunteering and giving to the community in many different ways. The benefits of being committed to the community are seen in the sense of personal worth and wellbeing of employees, and their dedication to the company.

 Among the many community help organizations that AMS supports is the Santa Clarita Valley homeless service agency, Bridge to Home. Not only does Bridge to Home provide emergency winter shelter from November to March, they provide an exceptional shelter; safe, warm, welcoming, with beds, showers and three meals.  Last year, Bridge to Home’s shelters served a total of 772 individuals, of whom: 55 were chronically homeless; 45 were veterans; 53 were victims of domestic violence; 130 had disabilities; and 124 had mental illness. Its other programs served 300 additional homeless and low-income clients.

 Additional vital services are offered as well, including the opportunity to receive case management, health services and referrals for additional programs including job placement. Jay Catlin, President of AMS, recently expressed his desire to work with Bridge to Home in identifying homeless persons who qualify for employment, so that AMS can do its part and offer jobs when they are available.

AMS is already involved in supporting an important Bridge to Home fundraising event, their Soup for the Soul Fundraiser, which takes place in November. AMS has joined with a number of other SCV Businesses who have become sponsors of this event. Sponsors are invited to join in a meal of various soups, breads, desserts and beverages, and enjoy entertainment as well. November 14 will be the third time this event has taken place in recognition of clients, staff and donors.

Santa Clarita’s homeless population is growing and AMS is happy to be able to help in meeting the service demands. Last year a number of homeless individuals in Santa Clarita lost their lives from illness and exposure to the weather. These tragic losses served to increase the dedication and drive to help Santa Clarita’s homeless residents, assisting them to transition out of homelessness. Key goals of Bridge to Home include the relocation of the temporary Shelter to a permanent location and further expansion of services that will provide comprehensive care, including: medical help, mental health assistance, job resources and placement, case management and access to affordable housing.

Job resources and placement is where AMS Fulfillment has proven itself to be of great benefit to so many. For a number of years AMS has been working with at-risk youth and hiring disabled persons, veterans, members of the aging population and students. We look forward to the opportunity of working in support of Bridge to Home.

Management and employees of AMS are proud of our company’s commitment to the community. CEO Ken Wiseman has often said how warm his heart feels when walking through the offices and warehouses, and seeing people that he knows have been greatly helped – people whose lives have been turned around simply because AMS is a family that cares for its community.

Bridge to Home: Soup for the Soul

Soup for the Soul-2


Author:  Ida Lawrence
[email protected]



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