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Thank You to the AMS Volunteers!!

Volunteers - AMS FulfillmentIn the United States, the entire month of April is designated as National Volunteer Month. At AMS we celebrate our Volunteers, and we know that even small acts of kindness can create a ripple effect of positivity, inspiring others to join the movement of volunteerism.

Introduction and Thank You!

First, we would like to introduce the Volunteer Committee at AMS and give our thanks to them personally. For those readers who don’t know which locations are AMS East, and which are AMS West, here are the AMS East locations – New Holland, Boulden, Churchmans; and here are AMS West locations – WIT, WIL, LIV, HQ Office and HQ. These individuals are presented in random order:

Alyssa F., Account Manager I, New Holland

Bill C., Accounting Specialist I, New Holland

Emma A., HR Business Partner, New Holland

Wendy M., Account Manager, New Holland

Sharon S., Billing Specialist II, New Holland

Jada T., Operations Associate, Boulden

Tia W., Operations Lead, Churchmans

Gabriel G., Asst. Account Manager, HQ Office

Ray A., Asst. Account Manager, HQ Office

Samantha H., Corp. Culture & Org. Development BP, HQ Office

Teresa G., Returns Supervisor, HQ

Tangie D., Operations Supervisor, WIT

Jamie B., Field HR Business Partner, WIT Office

Rocio A., Talent Acquisition Manager, WIT Office

Roxanne W., Operations Associate II, WIL

Cristy G., Inventory/Receiving Manager, WIL

Elizabeth S., Data Entry Clerk, WIL

Saul M., Operations Supervisor, LIV

Interview with Samantha Hicks

We have asked Samantha Hicks, Corp. Culture & Org. Development BP, if she could tell us more about the AMS Volunteers. We have several questions:

Thank you Samantha. We don’t really understand the work of the AMS volunteers. Could you explain what they do?

“AMS always had a “family-like” culture. As the company started to grow, with opening new warehouses across CA, PA, and DE, it was important to engage and include all employees. Company culture can’t be driven alone, we needed a team.

“Our warehouse in PA, dba. Echo Data, has a long rich history of people working at that organization, and it was important to preserve their culture, bridging the cultural gap. With at least one representative from each facility, it enriches our organization as one.

“The AMS Volunteer Committee is a cross-functional team of employees from each of our warehouses who volunteer their time during the workday to engage our teams in cultural and fundraising activities. I like the call them “Culture Champions.” They keep our day-to-day from becoming stagnant, ensuring new ideas come from all areas of the company.

“We call it “Volunteer” because there are no requirements or expectations of the Representatives, the program is completely organic and holistic. We get what we put into it. We recruit openly within our organization, and those who have a real passion for creating a positive experience for themselves and their teams are the ones who volunteer their time and efforts. I am proud to say, the Representatives who initially joined are still part of it.

“To maximize inclusivity, our strategy is to have meetings monthly, and we get together on a blank platform to brainstorm activities for the following month. There is input, collaboration, and co-creation from these Champions. There is no hierarchy, as everyone is on the same level. We aim to celebrate cultural holidays, tying in a fundraising activity, which proceeds will go to helping out the nonprofit organization for that month’s theme.”

Where are the Champions volunteering?

“Mostly, at work during work hours. For example, we hold food and clothing drives and donate to our community. On some occasions, we go outside the organization, like for our annual Santa Clarita River Rally Cleanup. We have fundraising events, like “Pie the Boss” to donate back to non-profit organizations.”

How do the volunteers find the places and ways to serve the community?

“I would go to the city website and see what activities are planned. Other times, the Representatives will have an event they are connected to which we support as an organization.”

Thank you Samantha, and THANK YOU to the AMS Volunteers!! We’re proud of you and grateful for your efforts. You ARE Champions!! 

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AMS Fulfillment is a Certified B Corporation, dedicated to putting People and Planet before Profit. We work to B the Change we wish to see in the world.




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