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Thank You!! AMS Employees of the Month, June 2021

Employee Appreciation - AMS FulfillmentCongratulations to the AMS Fulfillment Employees of the Month for June 2021! We are proud to honor the following members of our corporate family! Thank you Vickie R., Loretta R., Mary Anne T., Jesus N., Angie M., Elizabeth S., Jamie B. and Charles F.

In the fulfillment industry, employees directly serve the company’s clients, making their efforts vital to the growth and success of the business. We know their value, and we respect and invest in our employees.

The following nominations demonstrate that the individual being recognized has gone above and beyond, and deserves Special Thanks! All Winners will receive an Employee of the Month Certificate & T-Shirt!

Vickie R., Client Services Specialist (06/22/1998)
New Castle, DE

Vickie is the unsung hero of Client Services in New Castle, taking care of so much and always asking if anyone needs any help. Her positive attitude and her willingness to participate in morale boosting exercises make it a delight to work with her. And let’s not forget 23 years of service!!

Loretta R., DFC Operator FT (03/06/2020)
New Holland, PA

Loretta is a phenomenal team player who is capable of assisting in any area of the operation. She has a great personality and is enjoyable to be around. Loretta works well with others in a team environment. She is a strong trainer who takes the time to show people how to do things correctly, and she always has a smile on her face.

Mary Anne T., Staff Accountant (11/30/2020)
HQ Administration, Valencia, CA

I Nominate Mary Anne T. for Employee of the Month because Mary Anne has been with AMS for less than a year, and she has proven to be a great addition to the team. She started as our Senior Billing Coordinator. Mary Anne is always willing to help others and take on additional job duties. Her attitude has allowed her to build a great rapport with colleagues and different departments within the organization. Due to her dedication and hard work, Mary Anne was recently promoted to Staff Accountant. Thank you, Mary Anne for all you do!

Jesus N., General Warehouse II F (11/23/2015)
HQ – Valencia, CA

I Nominate Jesus N. for June Employee of the Month because during a time that his department has been very busy, he has managed to step up and help a lot in his department. He works great with others and is always respectful of his peers. He is willing to teach others and goes the extra mile to make sure his tasks are completed before the end of the day. Jesus is a very hardworking employee and always willing to help and work in whatever department he is assigned for the day. He was a pleasure to work with on the receiving team and he has really earned the honor of employee of the month. Way to go Chuy!

Angie M., General Warehouse II F (03/20/2019)
WIL – Valencia, CA

I nominate Angie for June employee of the month because she always shows willingness to learn new things. She has outstanding commitment and her hard work shows. Angie has excellent attendance. She always tries her best to succeed in any task given to her, and that makes her an incredibly valued member of our team.

Elizabeth S., General Warehouse I (06/10/2021)
HAR – Valencia, CA

I Nominate Elizabeth for June Employee of the Month because she is a very hard worker. No matter what task she is given she gets it done correctly and In a very timely manner. Elizabeth gets along great with the team and is always ready to take on new tasks.

Jamie B., Field HR BP (06/21/2016)
WIT – Valencia, CA

I nominate Jamie for June EOM because she has been a phenomenal asset to the HR team in our Field HR role, to assist our warehouse leadership with time keeping, temp badging and employee questions. Jamie let me know a few months ago that she was studying to have a career in HR and once the position was approved, I reached out to her to apply!! She did, and interviewed well, and has been a great asset since her first day with us! We are short a team member in the field, and Jamie graciously and proactively stepped up to service all locations until we find a replacement person and partner in the field.

Charles F., Operations Lead (07/13/2015)
LIV – Valencia, CA

I Nominate Charles F. for June Employee of the Month. Charles is always super helpful and knowledgeable with all things within the shipping department. We can rely on him to assist the best he can with any question. Charles has a willingness to learn and shows excellent initiative when things need to be done. He brings new ideas and concerns to the table often, which is greatly appreciated. Charles makes our warehouse a much better place!

To all of our Honorees, please know that whatever role you play, you are the reason for our success. Congratulations and Thank You!



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