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Thank You!! AMS Employees of the Month for May 2022

Employee Appreciation - AMS FulfillmentThank you for your exemplary performance during the month of May: Ingrid I., Leonardo S., Saul M., Melody G., Cristy G., Danielle K., Steve Z. and Devin P.

In the fulfillment industry, employees directly serve the company’s clients, making their efforts vital to the growth and success of the business. At AMS Fulfillment we appreciate and value our employees, and we respect and invest in them.

The following nominations demonstrate that the individual being recognized has gone above and beyond and deserves Special Thanks! All winners will receive an Employee of the Month Certificate & T-Shirt!

Ingrid I., Account Manager I (05/18/2021)
HQ Office, Valencia, CA

I would like to nominate Ingrid for May Employee of the Month. Ingrid is always willing to go above and beyond for her clients and team members. She’s committed to learning and growing, and she has yet to lose momentum. Ingrid really showcased her analytic side with our recent QBR creating detailed analysis to present to the client. She’s eager to step up to any challenge. Ingrid, thank you for your hard work and dedication!

Leonardo S., Operations Associate II (05/20/2022)
HQ Warehouse, Valencia, CA

I would like to nominate Leonardo for May Employee of the Month because he is better known in receiving as “El Compa Leo”. What can I say about this gentleman? He works and works and does what he can to help; even if it is a little tough when he is helping us in receiving. He manages, learns, and adapts. He is always doing the right thing and always having fun. If you walk the aisles, you can hear him singing and laughing.

Saul M., Operations Supervisor (09/15/2021)
LIV, Valencia, CA

I nominate Saul for May Employee of the month because of his hard work and dedication. He is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure our orders and our goals are met for the day, and always willing to do the overtime when needed. Saul is a great example to follow as well as an even better team player. Saul walks in with a great attitude and a sense of urgency. Thank you, Saul!!

Melody G., General Warehouse (05/04/2022)
WIT, Valencia CA

I nominate Melody for May Employee of the Month because as a new employee she has become a great asset to the team. She learned the picking process within days and her efficiency is undeniable. In the short time working in the department, she has managed to picker/packer list. She pays attention and is very detail oriented. She is always on time and always willing to help others. She has a positive attitude, and it stands out every day.

Cristy G., Inventory Receiving Manager (04/16/2012)
WIL, Valencia, CA

I nominate Cristy for May Employee of the Month because she is a huge key to success for the WIL1 building. She is always willing to take on any task with a smile. She is dealt very difficult tasks by management, clients and/or client services and always prevails and makes it look easy. Cristy is without a doubt an AMS All-Star.

Danielle K., DFC Operator (05/06/2021)
New Holland, PA

I nominate Danielle for May Employee of the Month because she a loyal employee. She shows up every day to work on time and always has a great attitude. She works great with everybody and every department she is put in. Danielle is great with helping others. She deserves recognition for being a valued member to AMS.

Steve Z., Receiver (12/08/2021)
New Castle, DE

I nominate Steve for May Employee of the Month because he has stepped up and helped the receiving department while the supervisor of the department was out in California getting CT training. Steve has a positive attitude and has established himself as a valuable member of the team.

Devin P., Exact Staff (04/12/2022)
Newark, DE

I nominate Devin for May Employee of the Month because he has only been with us for a short time, but in that time he has shown us commitment to getting the job done right. Devin has a willingness to learn other tasks in the building and help his teammates when needed. He has worked in Assembly, Receiving, and Fulfillment. Thank You Devin and keep up the good work !!!!

To all of our Honorees, please know that whatever role you play, you are the reason for our success. Congratulations and Thank You!




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