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Thank You!! AMS Employees of the Month for December 2021

Employee Appreciation - AMS FulfillmentThank you for your exemplary performance during the month of December: Kiara L., Sara A., Destiny S., Eloisa R., Alexus S., Dominga G., Robert T., Jim G., and Brooke P.

In the fulfillment industry, employees directly serve the company’s clients, making their efforts vital to the growth and success of the business. At AMS Fulfillment we appreciate and value our employees, and we respect and invest in them.

The following nominations demonstrate that the individual being recognized has gone above and beyond and deserves Special Thanks! All winners will receive an Employee of the Month Certificate & T-Shirt!

Kiara L., Assistant Account Manager (03/02/2020)
HQ Admin, Valencia CA

I nominate Kiara for EOM because whenever I have a question, she is always willing to lend a hand and help any team member out. I believe Kiara is a great person to nominate because she is friendly, hardworking, and motivated. When I started last year, she guided me and welcomed me to the team without hesitation. Kiara accepts everyone for who they are and embraces our differences. She is great to work with because she is a go-getter and truly inspires me to work hard and never give up on my goals here at AMS. Kiara is always encouraging people to try their best and she truly deserves this! She is a great candidate for employee of the month!

Sara A., General Warehouse III (08/26/2019)
HQ Warehouse, Valencia CA

I nominate Sara for Employee of the Month for December because she did a fantastic job helping us with the TJ computer area during peak season. Sara is always there when you need her and comes into work every day with a positive attitude.

Destiny S., Operations Lead I (10/30/2020)
WIL, Valencia, CA

I nominate Destiny for Employee of the Month because Destiny always comes to work with a great attitude. She leads a team that must do a lot of detailed work and she and her team do a great job for the clients. Destiny is always available for overtime when requested and it does not matter what client it is for. She will always go where she is asked to go. Great job Destiny!

Eloisa R., General Warehouse II (07/05/2019)
WIT, Valencia, CA

I nominate Eloisa for December EOM for her hard work and dedication. Eloisa has been helping operations and returns to complete all their deadlines. We are happy to have her as part of the WIT team.

Alexus S., General Warehouse III (11/14/2019)
LIV, Valencia, CA

I nominate Alexus for EOM for December because she’s an amazing team player. She is always up to learn something new and take on any challenge. Although she is a part of returns, she helped the shipping team tremendously during the busiest time from Black Friday through the month of December.  She’s and excellent asset to AMS and I’m proud she is a part of our team!

Dominga G., Maintenance (05/04/2021)
HAR, Valencia, CA

I nominate Dominga for EOM because she is truly the best. She has managed to keep our building clean and sanitized. She is a great addition to the Harrison building. When she has down time, she always jumps in to help production and is a true team player. We are really looking forward to keeping her. Thank you for all you do!

Robert T., Operations Supervisor (11/30/2020)
New Holland, PA

I nominate Robert for EOM because he is friendly, helpful and has a great attention to detail, with a first one in, last one out mentality.  Robert has a very strong passion for inventory and takes a lot of pride in his work. He is always willing to go out of his way to fix issues and help others regardless how busy he is.

Jim G., DFC Supervisor (06/12/2001)
New Castle, DE

I nominate Jim for EOM because he has been in the printing industry for 45 years. He creates artwork, takes photos, and prints materials for our clients without hesitation. He is willing to help in other areas when needed. Jim displays a level of dedication that has been extremely valuable to the company.

Brooke KP., DFC Group Lead (04/26/2021)
Newark, DE

I would like to nominate Brooke for EOM because during my time being on vacation she did an outstanding job running the facility. She got all tasks done perfectly and in a timely manner. She made sure orders were printed, fulfilled, and she got the kitting completed as well. She really stepped up and took care of business while I was away. I couldn’t ask for a better job than what she did. Thank You!

To all of our Honorees, please know that whatever role you play, you are the reason for our success. Congratulations and Thank You!



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