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Spotlight on the Women of AMS!

Women Leaders - AMS FulfillmentMarch is Women’s History Month; Women’s History Week began March 7th and March 8th was International Women’s Day. A glance at history, and a look around at the world, will tell us why we need a month, a week and a day giving a salute to women.

At we find the following: “Women’s History Month is a celebration of women’s contributions to history, culture and society and has been observed annually in the month of March in the United States since 1987.”

We are more than happy to salute the women of AMS – from top executives to the warehouse floor. Every single one has climbed her own mountain and we celebrate the contributions of all. In this writing we will give a special salute to the women in leadership positions at AMS Fulfillment:

Betty-Lou Wiseman, President AMS West, CA; Bobbi Booher, CFO, CA; Carmen Kernek, VP of Human Resources, CA; Kimberly Peszek, VP of Client Services, PA; and the Directors of Client Services, Evelyn Ruiz, CA; Zuleika Gonzales, CA and Maryanne Amalfitano, DE.

During the past month we have seen many published tributes to deserving women. Thoughtful writers made it clear that although we shine the light on the ones at the top, every woman is an achiever. Motherhood is an achievement, supporting family is an achievement, and supporting oneself and the challenges of life is an achievement.

In recognition of the Women at AMS, we contacted the President of AMS West, Betty-Lou; our CFO, Bobbi; Carmen, our VP of Human Resources; and Maryanne and Zuleika, Client Services Directors, asking if they would be willing to tell us what woman in their life, whether historical, personal or professional, inspired and motivated them to achieve. We thank them for telling their stories, offered here below.

** ** **

Betty-Lou Wiseman

The woman who has inspired me to achieve in life overall was my mother, Emma Ashman. Her priority was to take amazing care of her children and husband. She was there for all four of us until we left the nest. Watching her commitment in life to her family made me set high goals for myself to make her proud.

My goal in business was to be a strong leader, impact lives by teaching, to be compassionate, respectful, empathetic, and proud of the people I work with. I knew if I was successful with these qualities I would climb to the top. My mother taught me to be driven and not to ever give up. Making to President of AMS shows I did what it takes.

Not only in business did I set goals but the goal to give the same commitment that she did to our family to my family. The longevity in being married was a goal to match and to bring up your children in a way that makes you proud. I have conquered those being married for 42 years and being very proud of my sons. 

 I miss my mother but can hear her everyday saying how proud she is.

** ** **

Bobbi Booher

I have been extremely fortunate to have had a few mentors and sources of inspiration in both my personal and professional life. I would be hard pressed to call out a single person as being the most “motivational” but there has certainly been a common thread among those I have found to be truly inspirational.They all provided me with the tools and freedom to do and be whatever I set my mind to.

My earliest source of inspiration was my mother. She never tried to make me fit a “mold” of what I was supposed to be, but rather supported the notion that I could do or be whatever I set my mind to so long as I had a plan to get there. She never did any of the work for me and allowed me to hit the bumps in the road that are pivotal to growth and success while still providing that support when needed. That is something that I recall from my youngest memories. 

Along the same lines, my first boss was also an incredible source of inspiration and gave me an opportunity to take on a challenge that on paper didn’t seem like something I could accomplish. After some convincing, providing a road map, and the promise that if it didn’t work out, I’d gladly turn it over to someone “more qualified”, I was given the green light. Once again, I was allowed the independence and the opportunity, while being provided appropriate guidance, but the outcome was in my hands. 

I’ve always been inspired by those that allow me to step outside the “box” and my comfort zone while being there to provide their experience and guidance when needed. While I believe motivation is something that comes from within each of us, there are certainly those special people who truly provide the inspiration to achieve.

** ** **

Carmen Kernek

My Mother and Grandmother have inspired me to strive to be the best at what I do. Both my mother, Josefina Cortez and her mother, Guadalupe Cortez, were immigrants from Mexico.

My grandmother, who my siblings and I affectionally called MamaPita, was widowed when my mother was five years of age, and she left my mother in Mexico, with her sisters, to make a living in Los Angeles, in order to have and provide better opportunities to her daughter, Josefina, my mother. As a mother, I cannot imagine the agony in making this decision and the strength and determination she had to leave her daughter and start fresh in a new country…. But she did. My mother at such a young age, needed to figure life out, without her own mother – again, I can only imagine how tough it was for her. Fast forwarding to several years later…. MamaPita became a seamstress in Los Angeles and sent for my mother so that they could be together again. Through her actions, MamaPita demonstrated the strength and determination that women need in order to be successful in life – to my mother and her seven children (two boys and five girls). 

It is literally with tears in my eyes in recalling the struggles in my personal life and the lives of my mother and grandmother, that I can say with every ounce of me that it is because of these wonderfully strong women…. my mother and grandmother… who demonstrated perseverance, strength and determination, that my siblings and I strive to be better than yesterday… every day.

** ** **

Maryanne Amalfitano

Lori Homsher was a co-worker of mine when I worked at Sheeran Direct Marketing. She was the President of IT and we traveled a lot together. During our travels and at work she explained a lot of technical processes which helped me understand the 3PL world at a different level. She also taught IT security classes and was involved in many business groups. She inspired me to challenge and create goals for myself to further advance my career.

** ** **

Zuleika Gonzales

I have had a lot of strong and important women that have made an impact in my career. I admire their perseverance, and knowledge that they’ve shared along the years. The most important woman that has made an impact in my life is my mother… hardworking, passionate, and committed at anything she does. My family is what is most important to me, and I get that from her. Every day she continues to show her unconditional love, support, and positive energy, and that is just an example that I try to follow with my own family. 

Thank you Betty-Lou, Bobbi, Carmen, Maryanne and Zuleika, and thank you to ALL of the Women at AMS! Power ON!!!

Photo credit: Dakota Corbin



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