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Series: What B Corporations do for the World #3

B Corporation - AMS FulfillmentIn this series we take a look at how B Corporations approach doing business while holding to a standard of ‘being the change’. In other words, doing what is good for the world… which includes the people who are working for the business, the community, the environment, the clients or customers, and the owners or stockholders.

Can everyone profit if business is conducted in this way? B-Lab, the creators of the B Corporation believe so, and so do the thousands of businesses around the world that are part of the B Corp family.

The following information is gleaned from the B The Change website. The first article talks about what an investment company, Nia Capital Investments, is doing to serve the world as a B Corp. The second article is about how a beauty products company, Beautycounter, focuses on consumer safety and the environment. The third article talks about how Rivanna Natural Designs is helping employees and the community safely participate in voting in the US election.

* * *

How to ‘Move Your Money Toward Justice
B Corp Nia Capital Investments on the Connections Between Investments and Racial Justice

Investing for social justice and environmental sustainability is one main reason Kristin Hull founded Nia Impact Capital, a Certified B Corporation in Oakland, California. Hull says she has long seen the value of business for good and profiting from purpose — finding effective business solutions for the environment as well as people — and first saw these benefits while growing up in a family business with worker-friendly practices. Read the full article here.

Brand Advocacy Drives Impact Throughout Supply Chain: How B Corp Beautycounter Builds Stakeholders Into Its Activism
Customers and Consultants Integral to B Corp’s Advocacy Efforts and Sustainability Goals

Launched with safety as its “North Star,” Beautycounter pursues its mission for safer personal care products by advocating for changes in state and federal laws and refusing to use harmful ingredients — with the ultimate goal of greater consumer safety and environmental sustainability. The Certified B Corporation relies on its strong network of sales consultants and loyal consumers, as well as a growing presence in retail stores, to increase its advocacy efforts through its growing brand awareness. Read the full article here.

How Businesses Can Help Employees Vote Safely
Ensuring Workers Have the Time and Tools They Need to Participate in the 2020 Election

At our Certified B Corporation, Rivanna Natural Designs, voting has a special significance. Since 2001, we’ve been creating jobs for recently arrived refugees. For almost two decades, our coworkers have been rebuilding their lives from scratch, learning English, passing their U.S. citizenship tests, and earning their right to vote. As members of a team that has always included individuals who have fled persecution, war, and violence, we take elections seriously. For us, voting is a privilege and a priority. Our additional priority, in this election, is health and safety. Read the full article here.

In future blogs we will continue to share articles about the outstanding efforts of B Corporations during this important time.



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