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Series: What B Corporations do for the world #25

B Corporation | AMS FulfillmentAMS has been a leader in workforce development and equitable hiring and promotion for many years. As one of the major job providers in our various communities, AMS Fulfillment has taken to heart the obligation to serve those who have challenges in finding employment, whether from disability, homelessness, justice involvement, race or sexual orientation or single parenthood. Diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) in hiring and promotion is practiced at AMS. And this is but one of the things we do as a B Corporation.

Each week the B The Change website publishes articles about the practices of various B Corporations. We read and learn, tell others about what B Corps are doing, and introduce our readers to outstanding companies and practices in our blog series. This week, #25 of the series is going to feature a B Corp with hiring practices that truly break down barriers. The company we feature this week is a successful bakery with many years of being good for the world

At B the change readers will find great articles about great companies. In a recent communication the organization had this to say about the companies they feature:

“Piloting, trying, experimenting, innovating. Doing something new and different goes by many names but has a common goal: change.

“Businesses in the Certified B Corporation community are pursuing change in many of these ways with a common purpose to create benefit beyond the bottom line.

“By advocating for equitable policy, diversifying corporate governance, expanding employment opportunities, and valuing connections with nature and neighbors, B Corps are driving change that benefits their stakeholders — environment, community, workers, consumers. Guided by purpose, they are rethinking what it means to lead in the business world.”

Please enjoy our featured article about a company that practices open hiring.


How a Bakery Is Breaking Down Barriers to Employment

B Corp Expands Opportunities Through Open Hiring and Job Development Programs

“People can get trapped in cycles of poverty and unemployment for myriad reasons, many of which involve systemic issues and injustices. This reality can hold back people in many communities, especially marginalized ones, and keeps us from reaching our full potential on innovation and economic growth as a nation. One business innovation that addresses one root of chronic poverty is open hiring.

“Open hiring is the practice of hiring anyone who applies for a job, no questions asked. People put their names on a list and get a call to start work when an opening comes available. Greyston Bakery, founded in 1982, is a pioneer of the practice and has used it since the company first began. Through the Greyston Foundation, the Certified B Corporation has worked to expand open hiring and other job-development programs.

“We want to educate as many people as we can on the possibility of open hiring,” says Joseph Kenner, President and CEO of Greyston Bakery. “Sometimes, if a business is really on the skeptical end of the spectrum, we tell them to open up just one job to open hiring. It doesn’t have to be a whole department. It is low risk. It can be whatever position you think works for your organization.”“

Click HERE to read the full article:

Link to Greyston Bakery.

It’s time to B The Change!



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