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Series: What B Corporations do for the world #14

B Corporation - AMS FulfillmentIn our weekly B Corporation blog series, we visit the various news and opinion articles written about or by B Corporations. We’re a part of the B Corp community and like any community, we enjoy seeing what’s on the mind other businesses committed to ‘B the Change’. In this first week of the 2021, not surprisingly, there is conversation reviewing the past year with a focus on resilience, hope and gratitude.

As a company that is essential to the economy and supply chain, what AMS focused upon during 2020 was safety, diversity and community. We published 15 weeks of blogs describing the safety measures that AMS has taken in order to protect our workers from exposure to the COVID-19 virus. Our hope has been that sharing our experience will help guide other fulfillment companies and warehouses in how to stay safe. AMS employees take a risk, and they are compensated with bonus pay. We protect them in every way we can.

We have also placed a strong focus on diversity. After employees organized a march in protest of the murder of George Floyd, we committed to improve and to do more. We are a diverse fulfillment company and we consider our employees vital to our success – we are a corporate family.

Our third focus has been on helping the community in which we live. We know that many of our neighbors are struggling to feed their families, and we’ve done our best to help them with donations of food and gift cards.

This week we’re publishing two articles in which B Corporations talk about their year. The first article covers what was discussed in a virtual gathering of B Corps and the second is about systemic change and the role of B Corporations in bringing it to pass. We hope you enjoy!

Meeting the Moments of 2020 with Resilience and Gratitude
B in Community Event Highlights

Messages of gratitude and love launched the recent B in Community event, a year-end celebration for Certified B Corporations in the U.S. and Canada. In honoring all that B Corp leaders have been through in 2020 — working separately to keep businesses afloat, adjusting to shifting supply and demand, protecting frontline workers, and more — the virtual gathering offered the community a time to reflect and regroup before the calendar turns to 2021.

As members of a business community founded on the power of connections, B Corps have an opportunity to lead the way toward a more resilient and inclusive economy that works for all people and protects the future of the planet — stepping up to meet the moment.

Read the full article HERE:

A Business Community of Hope and Resilience Amid Crises: 2020 B Corp Year in Review
The Lessons and Events of 2020 to Carry Us Forward Into 2021

The events of 2020 revealed the resilience and hope that can be found in community, even during times of crisis. When the COVID-19 pandemic rattled the global economy and exposed systemic inequalities, business leaders and people around the world faced a new reality and an uncertain future. When the ongoing killings of Black people led to racial justice rallies and calls for real action, companies offered support and promise for change.

With the growing realization that things will not go “back to normal,” the effort to shape an economy that works for all stakeholders holds greater importance and urgency. During the turbulence of 2020, thousands of businesses in the Certified B Corporation community made decisions and changes with multiple stakeholders in mind — workers, customers, community, environment, and shareholders among them.

Read the full article HERE.



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