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Safety Series #31: See something say something!

Warehouse Safety - AMS FulfillmentLast year in October we reported on Lost Time Injuries (LTIs). AMS has a record to be proud of and we know this is from the training and attention given to safety. Before we look at our record during the past year, we can review what Lost Time Injuries are.

According to Safeopedia, a lost time injury is an injury sustained on the job by an employee that results in the loss of productive work time. An injury is considered an LTI only when the injured worker: 1) Is unable to perform regular job duties; 2) Takes time off for recovery, and 3) Is assigned modified work duties while recovering.

The reason LTIs are so significant is that they are key indicators of the effectiveness of the company’s safety program. According to Matthew Warholy, AMS Security & Safety Supervisor, the Lost Time Injury rate is very low at AMS due to the O.S.H.A. safety training courses.

Matthew said, “A large portion of our employees that have been through the course are now empowered to look out for and report any safety issues. We can’t do it alone. The employees are our eyes in the warehouses. We have been able to curtail a large portion of accidents and injuries with simple preventative maintenance.”

See something Say something!

AMS is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment by protecting employees from workplace injury and disease when reasonably possible to do so. Our safety motto, “See Something, Say Something,” plays a huge role in keeping AMS safe. We encourage employees to report any and all types of accidents and injuries, including “near misses.” This provides our Safety Team with an opportunity to identify hazards or weaknesses in our risk management program and correct them to prevent future incidents.  

In March of 2022 AMS began offering OSHA training in Spanish as well as English. With this change, no employees are left out of the loop. Matthew said, “We want everyone empowered to speak up and help us keep the warehouse safe. With our peak season looming, our workforce increases significantly. We will be holding OSHA walks and training. Safety is of the highest regard in our warehouses.”

In 2022, 59 incidents were reported, 3 of which were lost time injuries. That is Safety Success! Nine months with no LTIs at all! AMS Fulfillment is very proud of its safety record, which is in the top percentile for warehouses in the US and has been for some time.

The B Corporation Culture is a Safety Culture. AMS is proud to be a B Corp.

Congratulations ALL!



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