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Meet AMS’ Volunteer Committee!

Volunteer - AMS FulfillmentWe speak often about AMS being a B Corporation, placing our employees, community, environment and clients in the position of stakeholders. We do a series of blogs on the Green Team, and highlight the focus of AMS on reducing our impact on the environment. We’ve also spoken of employee education and employee safety in our Safety Series. We’ve spoken often about our clients and how we consider them stakeholders and partners in this business. But it has been quite a long while since we’ve covered our efforts to support the communities in which we do business.

There has been a Volunteer Committee at AMS almost since the company began. At the west coast location, AMS employees donated to support turkey dinners for Thanksgiving, and Christmas gift giving for families in need as far back as 2006. Betty-Lou and Ken Wiseman organized these efforts. And at AMS East the Activities Committee was started by Sharon Spanakos in 2008. That Committee organized similar giving events for families in need in the community.

Today the AMS Volunteer Committee supports the community in a number of ways. One of the areas involves volunteering in community cleanups. Another one of the activities is to hold fundraisers and donate the funds to local non-profit organizations. A third effort the committee makes is to partner with AMS clients to donate liquidation goods to non-profits. Another effort AMS has made for years is to train and hire individuals from local organizations who may have difficulty securing employment. AMS coordinates full circle with clients, the non-profits, operations, and drivers.  

We invite readers to visit the websites and support the organizations AMS supports through donation and job training. AMS has long supported Senior Concerns, an organization dedicated to helping seniors with meals and home care. Single Mothers Outreach is another organization AMS has long supported, helping single parents with donations and jobs. LA Homeless Shelter supports the homeless as does Bridge to Home. The Boys and Girls Club supports youth, giving them a place to go to enjoy positive activities, and the American Youth Soccer Organization helps young soccer players afford their uniforms and furthers participation in soccer teams for all youth.

We decided to ask our volunteers what led them to be a volunteer at AMS and we received a most inspiring answer from Jamie B.

“I joined the Volunteer Committee to help advocate for fellow employees and help employees and encourage employees to participate in our monthly activities. I feel that enjoying where you work helps motivate people to do great things. I feel some of the ways to help the local community is to volunteer our time to food pantries, collecting items for homeless people or battered women possibly. Also cleaning up our community as well.”

For an overview on the goals of the volunteer committee and the individuals involved, we asked Samantha Hicks, Corporate Culture and Org. Development Business Partner who serves as the Program Lead.

“Our volunteer committee meetings improve culture and cohesiveness between team members across all levels, from Ops. Associates to C-Suites, and that’s the thing I appreciate, titles are left at the door. There is collaboration, and ideas are viewed at the same level. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have our CFO on our committee, advocating for budget allocation.

“Our projects are organic, meaning every Rep has different interest and can mold their event to their passion, or the culture of their facility, allowing creative freedom and reflecting the employees it represents. For example, one Rep expressed interest in celebrating Mexican Mother’s Day, the week prior American Mother’s Day, or choosing a non-profit that has meaning to them. The end goal is the same, improving employee experience, and being a positive force for our community.

“As a result, employees are happier, do better work, and contribute to a positive, supportive work culture. Employees feel the energy and are inspired to do great things in the community.”

“Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects.” Dalai Lama

AMS Volunteer Reps:

AMS Volunteer Program Lead- Samantha H., HQ- Teresa G.; LIV- Saul M.; WIL- Alicia G.; WIT- Tangie D.; HR WEST- Rocio A. & Jamie B.; Delaware- Gabrielle F.; New Holland- Sharon S, Gabrielle F., Alyssa W., Wendy M.; HR East- Emma A., LaTanya W.; Executive- Bobbi B.




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