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March 1st – Employee Appreciation Day!

Employees - AMS FulfillmentMarch 1st is Employee Appreciation Day, and of course we will join in this recognition of employees! Thing is, at AMS Fulfillment, every day is Employee Appreciation Day. We know that we are successful because of our employees, so appreciation is something we do every day – it’s a Must!! Our employees are the reason we shine!

We will talk about how we appreciate, but first a little info from Google on the day:

“National Employee Appreciation Day is celebrated on the first Friday of March every year, and provides an opportunity to recognize employee achievements and contributions in all industries.

“U.S. Launched in 1995 by Workman Publishing, National Employee Appreciation Day, on March 1, reminds managers that strong employer-employee relations are at the core of any truly successful business.”

How do we show Appreciation?

Well, first and foremost we hire an underserved workforce with open arms, where people would have otherwise had a hard time finding work elsewhere, find it with us. We start all of our operations associate employees at the California minimum wage, which is a 17% minimum wage increase for DE employees and a 55% minimum wage increase for PA employees; quite a lot more than the East Coast basic minimums. We offer great benefits to employees, including free health insurance, employee assistance program, onsite professional and personal development training during work hours, including ESL, Excel, Leadership, Customer Service, Communication, Forklift Certification and Safety.

AMS has a strong focus on warehouse safety. All employees are involved in safety training, from the start of employment and throughout their tenure, learning to spot potential risks across the warehouse, reporting anything they see that might be worrisome, and identifying ergonomic inefficiencies to improve workflow. Every employee participates in a Safety Incentive Program, and every month employees are rewarded a safety financial bonus, including a company sponsored lunch. Because of our inclusive training programs, AMS has a top tier safety record where lost time injuries are well below industry benchmarks.

Additionally, our employees can join the “Green Team” and the “Volunteer Committee” to work together on causes they believe in, cleaning up the environment and donating to local non-profits within our communities.

And there is more!!

On the AMS website readers will find the Employee Bulletin Board. Here readers will see pages and pages with photos of our employees, talking about their successes and inspirations at work, families, and their favorite things to do in their free time. We try to post one story every week. We started the page in 2021 so there are quite a few featured employees! We hope you will visit [HERE] and meet the employees and their families. And of course, we invite employees to contact Samantha Hicks, AMS “B Keeper” if they would like to be featured.

Like many other companies we honor Employees of the Month. In our report the colleagues dish out the praise and the employees get an intrinsic reward. Here’s the latest Employee of the Month blog [LINK] where the AMS CEO dishes out praise among many others.

We Appreciate You!

This message comes with a Big Thank You to all of our employees, on the warehouse floor, in the offices, in the remote locations… thank you ALL. You are the reason we are successful!!



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