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Let’s Give the Gift of Sight

AMS is a big business with a ‘family feel’. The AMS management and employees support each other and the community in many ways with education, volunteering, holiday giving, charitable endeavors and more. Recently the AMS family has joined in another effort to be of help in a campaign that means a lot to one of their own… driver and in-house messenger, Gene.

Gene’s daughter Natasha lost her eyesight at age twelve due to a rare condition called Stargardt’s disease, which is a form of macular degeneration that affects people in their younger years. She lost all central vision and was left with limited peripheral sight. At that young age she was informed that there is no cure and that her vision would decline further.

But… change does come, and sometimes it comes like a miracle. There is now a device that can return her eyesight, in that when she wears it she can see again. The device houses a high-speed, high-definition camera that captures everything the user is looking at and displays it on two, OLED screens in front of the user’s eyes. With this device Natasha can clearly see a full color video image with no lag time. She can tilt her head without getting dizzy, zoom in and out, and she has peripheral vision.

It must have been difficult for her to put the device down and walk away without it.

The AMS family would love to see Gene’s family able to purchase the device. AMS President, Jay Catlin said, “Technology and innovation is simply amazing these days, and for Gene and Natasha, it brings hope and positivity in what has otherwise been a heart-wrenching situation. We have a natural culture of caring at AMS Fulfillment, and it’s showing up again for Gene’s family.”

AMS is spreading the word throughout the company and on social media. The message is that miracles do happen. With a combination of technology and generous people Gene’s daughter can experience the gift of eyesight.

During a recent interview, Natasha expressed her hopes and dreams:

“I am so excited to live the life I was meant to live before this disease, to just do simple things like read a book or read my mail! It’s a crazy experience to live with no hope of seeing again and then suddenly, out of nowhere, there is a device that can change my world. I am SO excited to get that chance again!”

We invite you to visit the Natasha fundraising page and share this information far and wide. Thank You from AMS.


Video of Natasha:



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