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Last Minute B Corp Gifts

B Cprp - AMS FulfillmentFor all of our readers who are ‘last-minute shoppers’, we would like to offer four different categories of B Corporation gifts for your consideration. The first category is gift options for workplace teams and clients. The second is gift ideas with purpose and care, the third is B Corps on the East Coast, and the fourth is gifts for a cozy home. We hope you will follow the links and see what gifts B Corporations have to offer!!

As you most likely know, shopping with B Corporations gives your gift meaning, not only to the recipient, but to the B Corporation employees and communities. AMS is proud to be one of more than 5,000 B Corporations in the US. B Corporations are businesses that place employees, community, clients and our shared environment before profit. As you will see, the gifts they are offering are unique and of high quality. Please enjoy!!

Teams and Clients

This holiday season, shine a light on your workplace team members and partners with gifts from Certified B Corporations. As companies using business as a force for good, B Corps can help you select gifts that create positive social and environmental impact.

This list highlights 14 B Corps that offer giving options to uplift co-workers and clients. From custom gift boxes that create goodwill to books that can help drive positive change and more, these B Corp items help show appreciation for colleagues and advance a more inclusive, regenerative economy. Click [HERE] to shop for Teams and Clients.

Purpose and Care

11 Gifts that Give Back to the Community: These B Corps share ideas that bring joy to people you love and help create a better future for people in need. At the holidays and throughout the year, doing business with B Corps is one way to support local organizations and build community connections.

7 Gifts for Quality Time with Friends and Family: The seven products and experiences on this list from B Corps in the US and Canada help create positive impact for local communities, workers, and the environment. Find ideas to spread cheer as you bring loved ones together at the holidays — and all year long. Click [HERE] to shop for purpose and care gifts.

B Corps on the East Coast

This holiday season shop for your friends and family from local B Corps based on the U.S. East Coast. In this gift guide, you’ll find a mix of food and beverages, household items, and more. Not only does this list highlight some wonderful B Corps, we’ve also indicated which are small businesses, Black-owned, AAPI-owned, Indigenous-owned, and women-owned. Feel good about choosing them for the loved ones on your gift list. For all of our employees, clients and friends on the East Coast, please enjoy looking through the great B Corp gifts [HERE].

Gifts for a Cozy Home

Treat friends and family who prefer time at home to hustle and hubbub with heart-warming items made for relaxation and comfort. The items below can level up the hygge factor at your loved ones’ abodes. These gifts for a cozy home come from Certified B Corporations and are made with the planet we call home in mind too, thanks to materials and practices designed to minimize their impact on the environment.

As part of B Lab U.S. & Canada’s “Give Something Greater” focus for this year’s B Corp Holiday Gift Guides, these companies, products, and services are selected for their commitment to positive social and environmental impact for the people behind them. B Corps are companies actively working to build a stakeholder economy, which requires businesses to create value for multiple stakeholders including workers, customers, communities, the environment, and shareholders. The 14 items on this list will add a cozy touch to the spaces and places we call home. Click [HERE] to view the very lovely gifts for a cozy home.

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Thank you for visiting these retailers, recommended by and, and considering the extra benefit your purchase would give to the communities and individuals involved.




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