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Higher Education at AMS Fulfillment

Education - AMS FulfillmentWe have spoken before about higher education at AMS, and it’s time for another report. June 6th is National Higher Education Day! This commemoration day is described as a time to recognize the importance of education in improving our lives. For just a little background, we quote from

“National Higher Education Day was founded by Izamar Olaguez and Marcie Hronis in 2015. The main purpose behind celebrating this day is to motivate students to pursue higher education and make college fees affordable for all.”

AMS Partnership with College of the Canyons

AMS Fulfillment has been partnered with the SCV College of the Canyons (COC) in providing higher education to AMS Employees free of charge for more than a few years. Several years ago the company prepared and fully equipped a classroom in its HQ building, which the students named “Advance My Skills Learning Center.” Quoting from a previous article we see how the AMS relationship began with COC.

“The AMS adult education and career development programs began when a relationship was established with College of the Canyons (COC), a Santa Clarita community college. In the arrangement with COC, AMS would provide the classroom space, and COC the curriculum, instructors, materials and registration. The classes and certification programs are free to AMS employees.”  The article goes on to talk about how AMS and COC created a ‘first in the US’ apprenticeship in Logistics and how AMS adapted to the COVID 19 pandemic, continuing the courses online until it was time to return to the classroom.

Schedule of Summer Classes

Recently the Summer schedule of classes was posted and it is an inspiring list with more than 100 students participating! We feel called to share the classes being offered and the excellent participation in them. All of the classes will take place in the Advance My Skills Learning Center and will be shared with remote AMS East students via Zoom.

  • Money Management – 11 students
  • ESL Advanced – 23 students
  • Successfully Managing Developing People – 8 students
  • Organizational Leadership – 16 students
  • Workplace Communication Strategy – 10 students
  • Computing and Internet Fundamentals – 20 students
  • Emerging Leaders – 16 students


Taking a quick look at the Fall schedule there are more exciting classes: Public Speaking, 21st Century Career Skills II and Excel Basics.

Free Higher Education is one of the benefits AMS Fulfillment offers its employees. The time in the classroom is during work hours, and paid as well. While AMS is a B Corporation, committed to employees as stakeholders in the company, AMS has embodied the spirit of the B Corporation in appreciation and support for its employees for many years. 

Here is a bit more on the commemoration: “National Higher Education Day is celebrated on June 6 every year to recognize the importance of education in improving our lives. To excel in your dream job, it is important to have the latest knowledge in that field, which can be attained through higher education.”

Our B Corporation Commitment

Samantha Hicks, Corp. Culture and Org. Development Business Partner, has offered the following about our B Corporation culture, the educational opportunities we offer, and how this is foundational to AMS Fulfillment:

“As a B Corp, our top impact area is our workers, and how AMS can contribute to employees financial, professional and social well-being.

“We offer life skills training for personal development that enhances skills in employees that they can use throughout life, and cross-job function training that allows employees to learn new skills that help them better understand other departments and positions, and skills-based training to advance core job responsibilities.”

We hope that our employees are happy and fulfilled in their work at AMS Fulfillment and we are doing our best to help them learn and gain a higher education.



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