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February 17 – National Day to be a RAKtavist!

Kindness Activities - AMS FulfillmentWe have been enjoying and practicing Random Acts of Kindness for some years now. Sometimes we intentionally wait for another driver to merge, we give an insightful compliment, we happen to have some cash in the pocket for the homeless man, we help get an item off the top shelf, we like how it feels to be kind. In fact, we’ve been into it for so long that a new word has been coined: RAKtivist!! That’s a random acts of kindness activist!!

Let’s let Google tell us… what is a RAKtavist?

“They’re the people that end up brightening what otherwise would’ve been ‘just a normal day’. You know the sort. The clerk at the store who tells you to ‘have a great day’…and really means it. The person on the bus who offers their seat to a pregnant or elderly person. The little, tender gestures when you need them most, (but expect them the least).

“Yep. Those are the ones that stay with you. The Random Acts of Kindness that connect you to your humanity, reminds you how much love there is in the world, and inspires you to pay it forward. Can you imagine a world where Kindness is the Norm?

“Yeah. That’s the world RAKtivists want. That’s why they do what they do. And it requires some intentional actions. The RAKtivist community connects passionate people to one another to share ideas and resources and celebrate kindness in everyday life.”

Well that’s interesting. RAKtivists inspire and celebrate Random Acts of Kindness. That’s definitely not normal in today’s world, but it could be and it might be in the future if we make it so.

History of this Kindness week

We’ve long been aware of the phrase and the concept of a spontaneous gesture of kindness towards someone who needs it. The phrase “practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty” was coined in 1982 in response to another phrase about random acts of violence. It was intended to put an end to violence. A children’s book was created with the overarching message that every individual can choose to become an agent of goodness and beauty.

We have also encountered this term in pop culture. The 2007 film “Evan Almighty” concludes with God telling Evan, the main character, that the only way to transform the world is by doing one Act of Random Kindness (ARK) at a time. You can read more about the history HERE.

Random Acts of Kindness Week is celebrated annually from February 14 to February 20. During the week we are encouraged to find ways in which we can become a positive influence in each other’s lives. If we can… why would we not? Even one small act of kindness can mean a great deal to somebody. You never know what circumstances changed because you inserted a positive moment. The world can be selfish and cruel sometimes and in such a world, it is important for us to make a habit of being kind to one another. A smile, a positive word, a gesture of help, and if that act gives someone hope it can go a very long way.

Random Acts of Kindness Foundation

There is an organization called the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation where people have written their stories of kindness. One of the pages they offer is called “kindness at work.”

They offer an action plan for kindness at work, pointing out seven steps to cultivate a workplace culture where people feel connected, where they have a sense of purpose and where they are appreciated and recognized for their contributions.

  • Setting a Tone
  • Modeling Behavior
  • Creating a Safe and Supportive Environment
  • Strengths, Mistakes and Growth Mindset
  • Trust, Boundaries and Belonging
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Celebration


Visitors to the page can download a guide and read an inspiring pledge. AMS, as a B Corporation, is committed to employee well-being. We appreciate this special Random Acts of Kindness Day, and week and we encourage everyone to enjoy being kind – go ahead and lift the spirit of your co-worker today.



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