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B Corps Leading by Example: Series #36

B Corporation - AMS FulfillmentEach month, in our B Corp series, we write about one or more B Corporations featured at the B Corp website. There are many B Corps doing outstanding work in their communities, there are many creating great products in ways that improve the lives of people, and all are leading their industries by example.

AMS Fulfillment is proud to be a B Corporation, leading by example in our arena as well. Our safety series of blogs provides many examples of our focus on safety, our efforts at diversity, equity and inclusion are proven in our “Women in Leadership” series, the work of our Green Team is featured in a blog series and our outstanding work in supporting charities and hiring from within disadvantaged groups show a true dedication to the community. Finally our free education and training of employees demonstrates that AMS is leading our industry by example.

In this blog series we are featuring B Corps that are Black-owned, creating products and offering shopping opportunities that our readers might enjoy. We will feature Melanin Essentials, GOODEE and Yala and we hope readers will click on the links and check out their products.

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3 Outstanding Black-Owned B Corps Brands That Lead Their Industries by Example



The American brand Melanin Essentials is a social impact beauty company dedicated to manufacturing high-quality personal care products that respect the Earth and your melanin. The brand was founded in 2017 by Saba Williams and Olayinka Credle. “Melanin Essentials is a social enterprise that is pioneering how we think about beauty,” Credle says. “We aim to be the first Black-women-owned brand to give voice and visibility to the fight against climate change while addressing the inequities experienced by persons of color within the beauty industry. We manufacture high-quality personal care products responsibly made with your melanin in mind.” Using clean ingredients and sustainable packaging, Melanin Essentials seeks to combat environmental and health hazards.

Click HERE to visit Melanin Essentials.


The Canadian brand GOODEE is a leading curated marketplace offering essential homewares and lifestyle products for better living. In 2017, designers and entrepreneurs Byron and Dexter Peart embarked on a new mission. After founding the acclaimed brand WANT Les Essentiels in 2007, the twin brothers set out on a new venture to launch and develop meaningful brands dedicated to offering sustainable solutions for modern living. This time, however, the pair decided to work exclusively with artisans and products that make a positive social or environmental impact.

Click HERE to visit GOODEE.


The British brand Yala offers ethical jewellery that is created to last, with collaborators who are paid fairly and materials that are eco-friendly. Yala is the vision of Founder and CEO Audrey Migot-Adholla. “Our brand goal is to improve the lives of the people, particularly women, in rural communities who make our jewellery through financial empowerment and skills training,” she says. Born in Kenya and based in Bristol, UK, with her husband, Migot-Adholla splits her time between the countries.

Click HERE to visit Yala.



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