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Congratulations September Employees of the Month – 2019

Employee appreciation - AMS FulfillmentCongratulations to the AMS Employees of the Month for September 2019! We are very grateful to you for being outstanding members of our corporate family! Thank you Kristin P., Patty C., Monica G., Analida H. and Stefani H.

Every month employees in our various locations nominate a team member who has provided outstanding service to the clients, the company and their team. The individuals being recognized deserve to be thanked and their efforts appreciated. Nominations are listed according to the location that the employee represents. All of the AMS locations are in Valencia, CA, city of Santa Clarita.

Congratulations the following individuals:

Kristin P., HR Payroll (February 2019)
HQ Admin, 29010 Commerce Center Drive

Kristen deserves Employee of the Month. When she began, in February, she took off running! Kristin learned all the multi-function Human Resource tasks from scratch, improved internal process, and kept everything on track. She is very intelligent – has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, is very hardworking, detailed oriented, professional, and a true down-to-earth cool person to be around, all day.

Patty C., Clerk (September 2011)
HQ Warehouse, 29010 Commerce Center Drive

Patty is incredibly reliable. She is a huge help to her client, and to us day-in and day-out. Kristin played a pivotal role with documenting pickers and their pick times when we were piloting our new process. She always has a great attitude and is always willing to help out.

Monica G., General Warehouse (October 2016)
WIL, 28936 Ave. Williams

Monica is a great co-worker. She always has a positive attitude, and it spreads across to others. Kristin does her tasks quickly and efficiently. She also cares about her punctuality, and is ready to work overtime in any case, if needed. She is also one of the key team players at Williams. We appreciate her commitment to work.

Analida H., Inventory Supervisor (September 2011)
SCO3, 27801 Avenue Scott

I nominate Analida for the immense amount of work she puts into helping the Shipping Department for both sides of our business. Any time we are missing products, she is there to help locate and complete our orders to ship them out in a timely manner. Analida is always positive about having to take time away from her daily duties to get the department the proper replenishment needed, as well, so we have minimal overstock picking possible. She is always at work with a great attitude, and is very friendly with all employees.

Stefani H., Returns Clerk (August 2019)
WIT2, 28624 Witherspoon Parkway

Stefani has made a huge impact in the Returns Department since she came on board in February. She is dependable, organized and detailed. Stefani is very respectful to everyone in the building, and is a true team player.


AMS values the people who work here; their wellbeing, their safety, their education and training, and their job satisfaction. The AMS employees are our corporate family, and we know they are the reason for our success. Thank you September winners!!!



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