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Congratulations! AMS February Employees of the Month

Employee appreciation - AMS FulfillmentCONGRATULATIONS! AMS Employees of the Month for February, 2018: We are very happy to recognize Alicia G., Cynthia G., Analilia L., Justin W., Michael G. and Isabel M.

Every month the supervisors in our various facilities nominate a team member who has provided outstanding service. The nominations and comments demonstrate that the individual being recognized deserves to be thanked and appreciated for not only doing a job well, but for caring enough to go above and beyond. Nominations are listed according to the facility that the employee represents. All of the AMS facilities are located in Valencia, CA, city of Santa Clarita.

From the first day of business to this day, AMS nurtures a family environment that takes note of and cares about the employees, their wellbeing, and their job satisfaction. With sincere appreciation, we recognize the following:

Alicia G., Operations Supervisor II (09/30/2002)
IND1: 28220 Industry Drive

Alicia is an asset to the IND1 team. She is willing to help out any department and cover for any department that needs help. Alicia has taken on the responsibility of overseeing clients, receiving, shipping and adjustments. She is a hard worker and very well respected by the associates and co-workers.

Cynthia G., General Warehouse II (12/18/2017)
WILL: 28936 Avenue Williams

Cynthia is fairly new to our building but she learns extremely fast. She has taken over one of our most active clients with no issues. Cynthia takes her job seriously and is always willing to take a leadership role in group projects. She goes above and beyond to get her job done and looks for new ways to increase efficiencies. She is also always willing to stay as needed and works well under pressure.

Analilia L. , General Warehouse II (11/12/2014)
SCO3: 27801 Avenue Scott

Ana is an outstanding employee. She is always at work ready to get the job done. When Ana is working on very demanding accounts she does it with a smile on her face. She has no problem with working overtime with little to no notice. Ana goes above and beyond to get the job done as efficiently as possible.

Justin W., Director of Operations (02/01/2017)
WIT: 28624 Witherspoon Parkway

Justin is a hard worker and a great team leader. He has a strong rapport with the Operations team, Client Services and AMS clients. He is always looking to improve processes and increase efficiency. Justin has raised RPH for just about every client in the Witherspoon facility and is always focused on profitability. One of the most admirable things about Justin is that when volumes increase, Justin is on the floor helping his team. There have been countless rushes where Justin is taping boxes, shipping orders, receiving product, and helping his team do whatever it takes to get the job done. He is a pleasure to work with and makes the workday not only productive, but fun too. He is a valuable employee to the AMS workforce.

Michael G., Sr. Account Manager (10/04/2010)
HQ Admin: 29010 Commerce Center Drive

Mike is an excellent ‘out of the box’ thinker, super sharp and a great role model for not only his team but all the AMS team members. Our entire Operations team enjoys working with Mike. He is professional and always keen and understanding of the work that goes into getting the job completed. He always has the best interest of our company and its employees in mind and really cares about his job and his fellow employees. Mike’s customers are super happy and well informed and we are blessed to have such a great employee at AMS.

Isabel M., General Warehouse II (10/17/2016)
HQ Warehouse: 29010 Commerce Center Drive

Isabel deserves to be the employee of the month because she is a hard working individual, has great attendance and is always here. She is responsible and gets along with all of her co-workers. Isabel is there to help when needed. She is a great addition to the AMS team.


Whether part of the management team, client services, technology, accounting, fulfillment operations, facilities, the warehouse team, taking inventory, answering the phone, conducting training… our employees are our corporate family, and they are the reason for our success. Thank You February Employees of the Month from everyone at AMS!



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