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B Corporation Series #40 – Environment

B Corp - AMS FulfillmentWe publish a B Corporation Series blog every three months or so where we feature B Corporations that are doing excellent work. This is our number 40 in the series!! Since we are in Earth Month with Earth Day coming up soon, we decided to look into some examples of B Corp environmentalism. Our information is from [LINK].

At the end of this blog, featuring four exemplary B Corporations, we will offer some of the latest good news with regard to AMS’ B Corp ‘score’!

Four Featured B Corporations

Our four featured B Corps are Catalyst Partners, Legacy Vacation Resorts, Southern Energy Management and Muskoka Roastery Coffee Co. As these companies talk about what they have done, and decisions they have made, all who want to make their company more ‘Green’ can gather some good ideas!

Catalyst Partners [LINK]

“Catalyst Partners is a green building consulting firm based in Grand Rapids Michigan. Catalyst Partners’ efforts started 15 years ago when the firm purchased a small historic building to renovate into office space. Catalyst Partners set a goal of achieving net zero energy, which means it balances its energy needs with energy produced by renewable sources. The B Corp used an energy model to prioritize energy conservation measures that would enable it to meet that goal. Both the goal and the process were important to Catalyst Partners.

“The energy conservation measures employed included daylighting, natural ventilation, building improvements, and a geothermal heating and cooling system. With those measures in place, Catalyst Partners added a 5,000-watt solar system, which has been used for 10 years. With the conservation measures and use of solar photovoltaic panels, Catalyst Partners has seen a 57% reduction in electricity use and energy with 20% on-site renewable energy and 99% building reuse — all amounting to a 60% reduction in utility costs. But Catalyst Partners isn’t stopping there.”

Legacy Vacation Resorts [LINK]

“For Legacy Vacation Resorts, an Orlando-based B Corp, transitioning to renewable energy is part of the company’s commitment to achieving net zero energy and reducing its carbon emissions by 50% by 2030. Legacy Sustainability and Social Purpose Manager Madison Daum described the process as a journey that comes with challenges and rewards.

“Legacy worked with Optimus Energy Solutions, a Florida-based general contractor and electrical contractor, to install solar panels at all four of its Florida resorts. Two of the resorts are currently producing solar energy and the team is working to get the other two online. In combination with other energy-saving projects, such as switching to LED lights and installing smart HVAC systems, the resorts have already seen a significant decrease in energy use. For those interested in pursuing solar, companies are advised not to be afraid to advocate for their company — and to remember that smaller steps are also impactful.”

Southern Energy Management [LINK]

“Southern Energy Management, a solar installer and building performance consultant based out of Raleigh, North Carolina, sought to upgrade its facility to better align with its mission of improving how people make and use energy. Southern Energy Management, which was founded in 2001 and has been a B Corp for 15 years, began assessing and improving its building’s energy use after purchasing it in 2018.

“Upgrades included the installation of high-efficiency heat pumps in several zones in the building, programmable thermostats to optimize conditioning schedules, solar tubes to increase natural light, and updated lighting in the facility’s warehouse. Once Southern Energy Management understood how much energy it needed to offset, the team designed and installed a 52.2 kW solar system to match its energy goals.”

Muskoka Roastery Coffee Co. [LINK]

“The Canadian B Corp Muskoka Roastery Coffee Co. operates using renewable electricity and green natural gas and fuel from fellow Canadian B Corp Bullfrog Power. Muskoka Roastery Marketing Manager Jordan Neudorf said Bullfrog Power provides electricity and natural gas for the roastery. Muskoka Roastery also purchases offsets from Bullfrog Power to eliminate the balance of its energy-related emissions footprint.

“As part of energy partnerships like Muskoka Roastery’s, companies can continue using their existing utilities. According to its website, Bullfrog Power puts renewable energy into the system to displace any polluting utilities. The offsets support new clean energy sources like wind and solar farms, low-impact hydro projects, and green natural gas producers. Bullfrog Power sources its green natural gas from organic waste at landfills or wastewater treatment plants, and its green fuel comes from repurposed waste streams, such as cooking oils from restaurants.”

Congratulations AMS Fulfillment !!

AMS was recently informed that our B Impact Assessment score has risen from 85 to 100.3. The total available for most companies is 140. So… what is the B Impact Assessment and what does this mean… other than “We’re doing good”? The information below should partially answer the questions, and more information is available [HERE].

“The B Impact Assessment is scored to measure a company’s social and environmental performance, both overall and within key impact areas. Scoring within the B Impact Assessment is designed to allow comparability and to identify and track opportunities for improvement over time. Scoring evolves with each version of the B Impact Assessment and is complex and customized based on the company’s specific track.”

We asked Samantha Hicks, Corp. Culture & Org. Development BP, for her thoughts on this good news!

“I am just so proud. Proud to be an integral part of B Corporations around the world actively and passionately driving business decisions to make a positive impact in the lives of workers, outreaching to our communities to see how we can help, taking steps forward to ensure our business practices don’t harm the environment, building accountability and trust with clients with transparency and security, and seeing firsthand the heart our Sr. Leadership Team puts into supporting all of these initiatives. For some, Governance is a tough one, with getting Sr. Leadership buy in on moving away from profit over people and planet. But for AMS, Governance is our highest scoring impact area.

“Environment is our second highest score, and I am so proud of our Green Team which looks ahead in our industry research, bringing new ideas to the table, effortlessly jumping into sustainability projects including delving into waste bins for auditing, so we can alter our actions to have better waste management practices.

“Understanding the impact that Logistics has, our Team provides BGreen shipping options including Pandion, which is our greenest, being carbon neutral, and DHL eCOM offers a “go green” program that adds an additional fee to help fund clean energy projects. To our Purchasing Department for researching curbside recycling packaging options for our clients. To our Client Services Team that assists our clients in their scope 3 carbon neutral efforts. To our Facilities Team for monitoring energy waste and providing timely solutions. To our employees who aid in making sure our plastic stretch film, cardboard boxes, and cans/bottles get recycled.

“But what I am most proud of is OUR PEOPLE. B Corp Certification is holistic, and it takes TEAMS being engaged across our entire company in every department. OUR PEOPLE came together and drove our score from an 85 to a 100.3, within 3 years of hard work and dedication. Working at AMS has so much more meaning to our people than the day-to-day grind of logistics. We have purpose, knowing that every step we take works towards a better tomorrow, for the lives of future generations and the places we call home.”

** **

AMS Fulfillment is a Certified B Corporation, dedicated to People and Planet before Profit. We work to B the Change we wish to see in the world.



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