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B Corporation Gift Guides for 2021

"Green" gifts - AMS FulfillmentAMS Fulfillment is a B Corporation, and as such, we appreciate what B Corps do to make the world a better place. Each year we encourage shopping with a B Corp for holiday gifts, and we share the recommendations at We know these recommended companies have made a legal commitment to respect and consider their employees, their community, their customers, the environment and themselves. B Corps do not put profit above all because they understand that considering all stakeholders leads to success. It truly is how to do good business.

The holiday campaign begins with some enjoyable ideas that readers can find at these links:

14 Gifts That Take Care of the Planet  [CLICK HERE]

15 Gifts That Give Back [CLICK HERE]

16 Gifts That Value Producers [CLICK HERE]

10 Gifts That Employ With Purpose [CLICK HERE]

11 Gifts That Reshape the Economy [CLICK HERE]

The gifts span a wide range from products to food items to a trip to polar bear country plus cosmetics, office equipment, dog food and more! The products look exciting and the prices good. They are described as “…holistically working to have a positive impact on communities, workers, customers, and the environment.” I’m sure on their websites information can be found on how they do business and what they base their decisions upon as B Corporation. How is this business good for the world? That question is an important one nowadays.

AMS Fulfillment has interesting stories about what went into decisions that hugely affected the employees. In a recent interview with the Diversity Works organization, Ken Wiseman, AMS’ Chief Workforce Development Officer, spoke about some of the enormous changes brought about by the pandemic. He talked about AMS’ strong focus on employee safety and also spoke of a dilemma the company had to face. When the pandemic began and clients faced closures, AMS had to lay off a significant portion of the workforce. How could they respect the workforce in deciding who to let go? Readers can listen to that story and see an example of employees as stakeholders. [CLICK HERE]

We encourage readers to know the stories of the companies they shop with or do business with. In that way we can all participate in Being the Change we wish to see in the world. We hope our readers a wonderful season of giving, please enjoy the featured B Corps.

We’ll conclude with four B Corporation products you can find on the store shelves!

Plant-Based Protein Bars by ALOHA

Lip Butter Trio Gift Box by Badger

Baby Teething Flashcards by Bella Tunno

Original Tote by ChicoBag




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