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AMS Thanks Employees of the Month – March 2019

Congratulations to the AMS Fulfillment Employees of the Month for March! We are very grateful to these outstanding members of our corporate family! Thank you Jason I., Mike R., Yolanda R., Jose R., and Dovon H.

AMS Fulfillment occupies a number of facilities in Santa Clarita, CA, and employs several hundred individuals. Even though we are large, it’s not difficult for us to notice the achievements of our valued employees. In fact, we make a point of it. Each month the supervisors within our facilities nominate an employee who has provided outstanding service to the clients. The nominations and supervisor comments demonstrate that the individual being recognized has gone above and beyond, and deserves Special Thanks!

It’s our pleasure to recognize the following Employees of the Month:


Jason I., CIO (2002)
HQ Office: 29010 Commerce Center Drive

I nominate Jason for employee of the month. Between ERP integrations for new business, shipping software projects, East Coast DC system maintenance, daily CS requests, and no shortage of existing client projects, Jason is tasked with a demanding and extremely complex workload. While we may not always receive the completion notice for our requests right away, Jason does a good job prioritizing open tickets and projects across 50 + accounts making sure that he and his team focus on the most critical items first. He has a knack for working with all different types of personalities including our client’s staff and developers. He also has the incredible talent of staying calm in almost all situations by providing truth, facts and examples without hearsay and opinion. One could imagine that a high-level IT position is a selfless job in some respects. You only really hear from your coworkers and clients if there is a new issue or request, so I wanted to nominate Jason to show much we really appreciate him. His IQ systems-fulfillment knowledge is awesome and he is such an incredible asset to AMS.

Mike R., General Warehouse II (September 2013)
HQ Warehouse: 29010 Commerce Center Drive

I nominate Mike for Employee of the Month because of his outstanding characteristics and his helpfulness. He has a positive attitude and is a hard worker. Mike does whatever he can to assist others. He always takes responsibility for his job and he cares for his co-workers and their safety. He is always on time and is willing to help others no matter how difficult it might be. He is a great worker, very respectful, and he deserves this recognition.

Yolanda R., General Warehouse II (July 2018)
WIT: 28624 Witherspoon Parkway

I nominate Yolanda because she works hard and is dedicated to AMS and to our clients. Yolanda does an amazing job in the Witherspoon building. She has excellent attendance and is one of the top pickers at Witherspoon. She pays close attention to detail and no missed picks. Yolanda’s positive energy and hard work have a great impact on the success of the Witherspoon building.

Jose R., General Warehouse II (October 2018)
WIL: 28936 Avenue Williams

Jose is a very hard-working individual and is always ready to learn new things. He has set up new challenges and gets the job done with excellence. Jose is always willing to help in any area where assistance is needed and he has great communication with his co-workers. He has 100% commitment to do the job correctly and in an efficient way the first time. He always has a positive attitude which spreads across to others. We appreciate Jose’s commitment to his job.

Dovon H., Clerk I – Inventory Receiving (June 2018)
SCO3: 27801 Avenue Scott

Dovon works hard and is always willing to lend a hand to others in the department. He is great at unloading containers!! He is a team player and we appreciate having him in our department. Dovon deserves to be Employee of the Month.


These outstanding employees are the reason that AMS succeeds so well and continues to grow. Employees of the Month recognition is offered as a sincere Thank You from the AMS Fulfillment Family!



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