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AMS Supports Rainforest Trust – 2023

donation - AMS FulfillmentEach year, during the Holidays, AMS makes a charitable donation to a cause that we are very aligned with, and we believe our clients are as well… the Rainforest Trust. This year the donation is directed toward a specific effort, which is the Brazilian Amazon Fund. This fund does the absolutely essential work of stopping deforestation and creating protected areas which safeguard the indigenous territories.

The following information is about that fund and the work it does.

“Approximately 18% of the Amazon has been deforested, with a distressing 2.9 million acres of forest in Brazil destroyed in 2022 alone. Within the Brazilian Amazon, 141 million acres of land are government controlled but not yet designated for a particular purpose. Each and every one of these acres—the irreplaceable home of myriad, exquisite species found nowhere else on Earth—could be preserved forever as part of a protected area such as a national park, or could be safeguarded as an Indigenous reserve. Or vast areas could be chain-sawed and burned to the ground for beef or soy. The stakes are huge for all life on Earth.”

The Opportunity:  Create Protected Areas and Safeguard Indigenous Territories

“Lula’s return as Brazil’s president this year provides an extraordinary second chance to expand protected areas and halt deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon. Approximately 29% of the original forest is substantially intact, owned by the government, but currently unprotected—by far the largest area of intact, unprotected tropical rainforest in the world. The window of opportunity is extremely narrow: Lula’s term is four years and it can take several years to create protected areas and safeguard Indigenous territories.”

Goals and Objectives:  Save 20 million acres of intact forest.

“Rainforest Trust’s goal in the Brazilian Amazon is to permanently safeguard 20 million acres of intact forest as new protected areas and Indigenous territories and safely lock up 6 billion metric tons of CO2 equivalents (more than the U.S.’s annual total CO2 emissions).”

The goal of the Brazilian Amazon Fund is one that we fully support, believing this is an urgent need, not only for the CO2 but for the forest itself, its wonderful wildlife and the people who are indigenous to the land. As a B Corporation we seek to B the change we want to see in the world, so we have been as generous as we can be in this donation. We encourage readers to visit the Rainforest Trust website to find out more. [HERE]

Another ‘positive’ with this organization is that 100% of our contribution goes to the conservation efforts. This is possible because members of the board and supporters of the organization cover the operating costs. We’re confident our clients support this organization, hence it is a pleasure to make this donation on their behalf, with every dollar going to the cause.

Wishing all of our readers Happy Holidays and a Very Happy and Successful New Year.



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