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AMS Series #1: Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership - AMS FulfillmentThe first of our Women in Leadership series features the President of AMS West, Betty-Lou Wiseman. Betty-Lou truly needs no introduction at AMS or within the community. She has been a leader, a mentor, an inspiration and a force for good in the community for 18 years. We are delighted to shine a light on one of the most loved and respected members of the AMS family!

Betty-Lou joined AMS in June of 2004 as Executive Vice President of Client Services. Her passion to organize and lead team members in areas facing challenges, brought her over the years into all areas of the business including Client Services, Operations, IT, Sales, HR, and Accounting. She was promoted to President in May of 2019. In 2020 when the company faced the pandemic challenge as an essential business, Betty-Lou was instrumental in helping the nearly 400 employees stay safe and helping the clients fulfill their orders. It has been a herculean task and Betty-Lou has handled this challenge as if she was made for the job.

Betty-Lou has served on the Board for the SCV Domestic Violence Center and is an avid supporter of fundraising events supporting the local SCV Sheriff Station, SCV Search & Rescue, Senior Concerns, multiple youth organizations and Single Mothers Outreach. Recently the Heritage Valley Boys and Girls Club asked Betty-Lou to become a Member of the Board of Directors, and she was delighted to accept that responsibility as well. Upholding AMS’ commitment as a B Corporation, with a strong focus on service to the community, Betty-Lou works on AMS’ Volunteer Champion Committee and volunteers at an event every month. She also manages AMS’ annual holiday meals and gift program to several community areas and families in need.

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Women in Leadership - Betty-Lou Wiseman - AMS Fulfillment

Thank you for the interview, Betty-Lou, and your willingness to be in the spotlight. In last week’s introduction we referenced a report that gender diversity brings about many positives that align with our B Corp values. Could you offer your thoughts on the women you work with and those you have mentored?

When joining AMS to build a Client Service team the first place I looked was within AMS. I have mentored two women that started in the warehouse to become Directors within the company. Zuleika Gonzales worked in the Shipping department, and I knew that she was someone who had the energy and drive to be in the Client Service Department. She moved up the ranks and currently is a Director who manages a team of ten associates and manages our top three accounts. Evelyn Ruiz is also someone I recruited from the warehouse where she was working in Operations. She has also moved up the ranks to a Director. Mentoring both of these young women has made me so proud of them to see how they professionally embraced a leadership role. Both Zuleika and Evelyn are original employees of AMS being with the company for 18 years.

We know that as President you have been focused on all of our B Corp goals, and we thank you for that. We have seen over the years that your heart is in service to the community, and you are recognized, loved and appreciated for your work. Could you talk about the rewards and your personal joys in serving the SCV community?

Community has been near and dear to my heart. Single Mothers Outreach has become an organization that AMS supports. Our clients know all about SMO and they have become supporters of this organization that helps single mothers and children as well. My favorite and most memorable times, in so many ways, are the Holiday Family Adoptions for an underserved community nearby. The camaraderie within the company of departments adopting a family, buying gifts, and wrapping them is like we are Santa’s little helpers, but in reality we really are helping families have a holiday to remember. We gather our gifts and meet our families and all share in the joy, tears and seeing happy families take their gifts home to put under the tree. The teamwork, the giving, and the satisfaction that we did this for our community together is so very rewarding.

Thank you for this interview, Betty-Lou Wiseman, President, AMS West! 



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