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AMS’ safety record is no accident: Workforce safety during COVID #6

Workforce Safety - AMS FulfillmentIn last week’s safety blog we talked about transforming the AMS Advance My Skills Learning Center into a safe space with regard to virus exposure. We are now in the process of returning to the Workforce Development programs that are so important to us as a B Corporation.

AMS has a strong focus on supporting, educating and training our workforce, as we see our employees as key to our success as a fulfillment company. Our employees truly appreciate the opportunity to gain more skills, so this is important for morale as well.

This week we look into the reality of following all of the safety policies. What impact does it have on the employees, especially the requirement of wearing masks in the heat of summer?

Marco Pelaez, VP Operations, answered a question about health and talked about how AMS is staying cool:

“If some of our employees cannot wear a mask due to a medical condition, we provide them with face shields so they can still be protected during these difficult times.

“Marco went on to say, “We know that wearing a mask on “hot days” is a challenge that our employees are facing this summertime. AMS went ahead and purchased lightweight breathable masks and provided them to each employe so they can feel more comfortable while working. Also, we set up a couple of EZ-ups in some of our facilities so they can go outside and enjoy their breaks and lunches.

“We’re making use of fans also. We provided all our warehouse employees with personal fans that they can wear around their neck so they can keep their faces cool, and we installed ceiling fans in our HQ lunch area to increase the air circulation downward so employees can feel comfortable taking their mask off while eating.”

When the question of employee morale came up, Carmen Kernek, Human Resources Director, responded:

“It is important to for AMS to keep a very safe environment for our employees, which we consider family, during these trying times. Their happiness and safety are extremely important to us. Morale has certainly been exceptional as it relates to the safety measures the organization has taken. The comments received from the employees have been extremely positive and appreciative of the consideration and efforts the company has demonstrated. New recruits are also extremely happy to hear, not only that we are hiring during these times, but maintaining such a high safety protocol for our employees.”

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