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AMS November Employees of the Month!

Employees - AMS FulfillmentThank you for your exemplary performance during the month of November: Patricia C.Laura R.Berenice G.Jamie B.Jocelyn G.Ivette E.Mary A., Aresenya J., Amere D., Michele C. and Travis M.

In the fulfillment industry, employees directly serve the company’s clients, making their efforts vital to the growth and success of the business. At AMS Fulfillment we appreciate and value our employees, and we respect and invest in them. Every month we see our employees working hard with such outstanding dedication and we are continually impressed by the results they produce!

Congratulations to this month’s winners! All Winners will receive an Employee of the Month Certificate, T-Shirt, and Quarterly Celebration Lunch! 

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Patricia C., Operations Associate II (09/2011), HQ Valencia, CA

Patty is very hardworking, always smiling and in a good mood. She is willing to learn new things. She is an efficient, fast worker who is a team player, and we can depend on her to get the job done. Patricia is nice to work with and she is always open to help the team. She deserves this recognition and we thank her!


Laura R., Operations Associate II (03/2022), LIV Valencia, CA

Laura is an outstanding employee here at Livingston. Laura works for our receiving/inventory team. This peak season, Laura stepped up in every way by helping wherever she could. When shipping needed to locate an item, she was there to help immediately, and when that happens it makes our job (PPSH) a lot smoother and more productive. Laura’s attendance is outstanding, and she worked overtime whenever needed. The best thing about Laura is that she’s positive, comes to work every day with a smile, and when asked to do something, it’s always a pleasant response with a smile. Thank you, Laura, for all your hard work, commitment, and amazing positive energy!


Berenice G., Operations Associate I (06/2022), WIL Valencia, CA

When the lead operations employee was not available, Berenice stepped up and was able to keep the workflow going smoothly. She learned the requirements for the clients that she was being responsible for, and she did a great job. She learned to print the orders and to post the orders when picked up. Berenice is also flexible where she was able to help in other departments when needed. Berenice made the daily workload easier to process and it is great having her on the team.


Jamie B., Field HR BP- Labor Tracking (06/2016), WIT Valencia, CA

Jamie has consistently demonstrated exceptional dedication and commitment to our organization, particularly during the challenging period of Peak Season. As the Timekeeper for our complex client-billed fulfillment business, Jamie played a crucial role in ensuring the accurate recording of employee times. Her tireless efforts, including working on weekends, did not go unnoticed. Despite the increased workload, Jamie went above and beyond to maintain precision and reliability in timekeeping, reflecting her outstanding work ethic. Moreover, Jamie took on additional responsibilities by overseeing the daily check-ins of temporary employees, contributing significantly to the seamless functioning of our operations. Her attention to detail and meticulous approach during this critical time greatly contributed to the success of our projects.

In addition to her primary responsibilities, Jamie extended her support to the East division by taking on the responsibilities of their Timekeeper, who was on maternity leave. Managing dual roles, Jamie demonstrated remarkable organizational skills and the ability to handle increased responsibilities without compromising on the quality of her work. Jamie’s positive attitude, dedication, and willingness to go the extra mile make her an invaluable asset to our team. We believe that recognizing her efforts as Employee of the Month would not only acknowledge her hard work but also inspire others to strive for excellence, and we are confident that her contributions will continue to positively impact our organization.


Jocelyn G., Assistant Account Manager, CS (09/2016), Valencia, CA

Jocelyn is an undeniable asset to our team. She has always brought a positive attitude and collaborative energy to work every day. By demonstrating outstanding dedication to our clients and her work, she has been able to grow within our operations team to client services within her 7+ years with us, specifically this last year. Jocelyn is willing to go the extra mile for our clients and gives us her 100% consistently. She truly is a rock star! She’s willing to help at any given moment. She has continuously shown to be a team player, and the one to lend a hand as needed. She does not have an “I don’t know” attitude, she will say “not sure, but let me find out and get back to you.” And most importantly, she raises her hand whenever she needs help. These are key roles that make her invaluable and an asset to our team and to AMS. Thank you for all your hard work as this does not go unnoticed!


Ivette E., Controller, Finance (09/2019), Valencia, CA

Ivette has demonstrated that she is a strong team player and has taken on more responsibility. This has included the company’s Cash Forecasting process, increased involvement with the annual Budget, and in taking the lead for the banking and covenant compliance. We are happy to have her as part of our team and are excited that she has increased her involvement in consolidating the financials and in sharing best practices with all locations. We are happy to be able to recognize her as Employee of the Month!


Mary A., Logistics Manager (11/2022), Valencia, CA

Mary is an integral part of the AMS team, and her growing knowledge of logistics and transportation workings has become a true asset. Mary has always been a team player and does what it takes to make sure our shipments are flowing. The logistics team is a small one for a company this size and managing it all is a true testament to Mary’s work ethic. Wouldn’t be as successful without her!


Aresenya J., Inventory Specialist I (06/2023) Churchman’s, DE

Since Arsenya first joined AMS, she had the thirst for knowledge of all aspects of the warehouse. She constantly wants to know all there is to know, and she shows this by offering to work other areas such as B2B and Inventory Control and is even willing to help at other buildings if asked. She is a great learner, and she was able to pass the forklift test with flying colors. She always has a smile on her face, has a great sense of humor and is just a pleasure to be around. Arsenya is an asset to our receiving team and continues to grow more and more every day.


Amere D., Operations Associate I (08/2023), Newark, DE

Amere has been with us only a few months and he has grown tremendously! He gives his best efforts every day, takes initiative to get things done. He is always willing to stay if he is needed and put in his time. He is a good team player when it comes to helping with things that he may not do daily, whether that’s stacking pallets, handling returns, or even just basic housekeeping around the warehouse. Amere shows up every day for his shifts and is someone we can always count on to be here every day. It has been a pleasure watching his growth! Thank you Amere!


Michele C., Operations Associate I (03/2023) New Castle, DE

Michele always has a positive attitude, and she teaches the “newbies” when needed. If she sees someone going astray, she will quickly reign them back in and get them focused on the task at hand. She played an integral part of getting the orders out for one of our valued clients once it came over to Boulden during our peak season hitting hard. Life is tough sometimes, but Michele is tougher! Give her a task and watch her run with it and make it happen! Go Michele!


Travis M., Operations Lead I (03/2022), New Holland, PA

I would like to nominate Travis for employee of the month. Travis has been with us for almost two years as an Assembly and DFC group leader. He is often seen spreading positivity to his team boosting morale while driving his lines to get goals accomplished in a timely manner. He is never standing on the side lines; he jumps right in working alongside his team and never asks anything of anyone that he wouldn’t do himself. He is a fair and kind leader who has really grown into his position always learning and consistently trying to do his best. He has been instrumental in helping New Holland get through our busy season working overtime and volunteering his entire weekends to help in other departments. Thank you for all you do Trav! Keep up the good work!

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To all of our Honorees, please know that whatever role you play, you are the reason for our success. Congratulations and Thank You!



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