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AMS January Employees of the Month

EOM - AMS FulfillmentThank you for your exemplary performance during the month of January: JENNIFER B., KAHLIEL P., ESTEFANI G., SAMANTHA H., ANALIDA H., MARIA L., TATIANA E., STEVE Y., JUSTINO S., and LORENA D.

In the fulfillment industry, employees directly serve the company’s clients, making their efforts vital to the growth and success of the business. At AMS Fulfillment we appreciate and value our employees, and we respect and invest in them. Every month we see our employees working hard with such outstanding dedication and we are continually impressed by the results they produce!

Congratulations to this month’s winners! All Winners will receive an Employee of the Month Certificate, T-Shirt, and Quarterly Celebration Lunch!

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Jennifer B., Operations Associate I (03/02/2022) Boulden

Jennifer comes in every day with a smile on her face and is ready to jump in and get the job done. Jennifer has recently taken the role on as a Team Lead and is doing an amazing job showing us that we picked a #1 Team player. We sometimes get lost in the everyday workflow and forget to tell our employees how amazing and truly grateful we are for them but JEN you ARE AMAZING AND WE THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO here at AMS, and it NEVER goes unnoticed! -Meggan S.


Kahliel P., Operations Lead I (12/05/2022) Churchman’s

As the Inventory Lead for CT in Churchman’s, Kahliel is responsible for a number of daily job functions that can change on the fly, from having several different associates approaching him with inventory issues to replens for both buildings to his daily jobs as an Inventory Lead. Kahliel is always willing to adapt his schedule to fit the needs of the client, from staying late to coming in early. Kahliel is always willing to take time to train and help out wherever and whenever, as well as put up with a very demanding ME!!!!! – Paul S.


Estefani G., Operations Associate II (08/16/2021) HQ WH

Estefani works in the Returns Department at HQ. She’s an outstanding employee who makes a positive impact for the returns team. She is a hard worker and a team player who likes to solve issues when they arise to get the job done. You can rely on her, and she always has a smile on her face. She is so fun to work with! – Teresa G.


Samantha H., Corporate Culture Org. Development BP (09/20/2011) HQ Admin

Samantha is someone who epitomizes our giving B-Corporation values every day at work and shows others “the way” with her positive energy, intense determination, uncompromising effort, and push for top tier results in all that she pursues. Sam is our queen of culture at AMS, having fully digested the principles of how a company commits to Doing Good as a B-Corporation… Sam embodies this and helps us all make Doing Good a reality at AMS. This includes helping to employ and advance individuals who face difficult circumstances in life, promoting diversity and fairness at the workplace, educating employees, bettering our communities, and helping our planet through sustainability initiatives and the AMS Green Team.

Some recent over and above efforts on Sam’s part include the Wellness Fair, CDP renewal (environmental authority that Charlotte Tilbury stands by) where we jumped from a D- (my effort in 2023) to a B- in 2024, B-Corp renewal where we will likely jump our score significantly year over year, and a 3-day photo shoot where Sam brought her creative energy and management skills into play in this very important marketing-related project (revamp of the AMS corporate website). I am very thankful to have such an amazing Team of employees at AMS… we are a People business and AMS has the best Team in the business! In this case, I simply want to do a big Shout Out to Samantha for All that she brings to All of us at AMS!  Thank you, Sam, for all that you do to help AMS Do Good as a business!!! – Jay C.


Analida H., Inventory Receiving Supervisor (09/23/2011) Livingston

Analida is our Inventory Supervisor and an Outstanding Employee here at Livingston. It’s Inventory season for many clients this time of the year, and Analida stepped up in every way by doing an Outstanding job with the physical inventory. Her organization, putting in long hours, problem solving, and dedication made inventory processing VERY successful. Analida is a crucial piece to our management team, and she is willing to take on anything that is given to her. Thank you, Analida, for all your hard work, commitment, and dedication!!!! To top it off, she’s a great person.” – Saul M.


Maria L., Logistics Auditor (06/13/2016) Logistics

Maria is an integral part of the AMS Logistics team! Her hard work and attention to detail are key to our success. Logistics and transportation are a huge focus at AMS and getting it right is a challenge that Maria takes seriously! Maria has always been honest, reliable and a team player. Maria is THE BEST auditor we have at AMS! – Gawain W.


Tatiana E., Operations Lead I (09/12/2022) Newark

Tatiana has been with our team for almost two years. She is always learning new things and really implementing them throughout her workday. Tatiana is currently an Operations Lead and owns her position daily. She coaches employees and is always there when someone needs some help…. Always!! Not only does Tatiana really give her best efforts here at work, but her whole energy she gives off in the warehouse is one you’d want to be around. The last few months she has really been motivated to keep our team over here in Newark focused and situated to get the job done. She shows up every day with a positive vibe, and we are grateful to have her here on our team!!! Thanks Tatiana – Amber S.


Steve Y., Operations Associate (11/20/2023) New Holland

Steve joined our TEAM in November and has since performed very well in every area that he’s worked. He always asks great questions, is eager to learn, and strives to do an exceptional job. Thank you, Steve, for all your contributions. – Dave N.


Justino S., Operations Associate II (04/21/2022) Williams

Justino Salgado is a team player. He is always stays on task and is punctual. He is very kind to his coworkers and always helps them. His coworkers believe he is an example of a good employee. He is key for the success of Williams. – Ana R.


Lorena D., Operations Associate II (11/02/2021) Witherspoon

Lorena works in returns and is an outstanding employee. She processes returns efficiently without making any mistakes. When a task is given to her, she completes it in a timely manner and with great attention to detail. She always comes into work with a great attitude and has a very positive impact on our team. She is cross trained in other departments and is always willing to give a helping hand when it is needed. She learns fast and never passes up the opportunity to learn new processes. She has great work ethic, and her hard work never goes unnoticed. – Vanessa H.

** ** **

To all of our Honorees, please know that whatever role you play, you are the reason for our success. Congratulations and Thank You!

AMS Fulfillment is a Certified B Corporation, committed to put People and Planet before Profit. We work to B the Change we wish to see in the world.




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