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AMS: Holiday Delivery by What?

There’s something strange going on in AMS’ hometown of Santa Clarita, just in time for the holidays. Apparently some UPS packages are being delivered by alternate means! It’s not by sleigh though, and not on horseback, not on foot, but by bicycle!

As we at AMS Fulfillment well know, more and more people are choosing to do their holiday shopping online. Our logistics expert, John B., recently wrote about an increase, beyond what was anticipated, in e-com and m-com. So AMS has a lot of orders to fill for its clients and UPS has a lot of packages to deliver.

We hope all holiday shoppers thoroughly enjoy this season and everybody’s packages arrive right on time, by whatever delivery method works best, including the truck, the car, the golf cart, the bicycle, or the sleigh!


Please enjoy this interesting story from KHTS Santa Clarita News:

UPS To Deliver Packages In Santa Clarita On Bicycles During Holidays

With the holiday season in full swing and a spike in online ordering, UPS is delivering packages in Santa Clarita with more than just their regular trucks.

The unusual delivery method has caused the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station to receive calls from residents inquiring about whether UPS uses bikes, as they have spotted individuals hauling trailers full of packages and boxes on Santa Clarita streets, said Shirley Miller, a spokesperson for the station.

“During the busy holiday season, UPS may deploy deliveries using a variety of different modes of transportation,” Miller said. “Some drivers may have bicycles or golf carts, and in some rural areas, personal vehicles are even sometimes utilized.”

For Santa Clarita residents who want to know how to verify if a person is indeed a UPS driver, UPS drivers are set to always be readily identifiable by their clothing.

“Drivers will either wear branded uniforms with the company logo in the form of the traditional brown UPS uniform, or they may be wearing a neon yellow safety vest with the UPS logo. If you are unsure of their identity, feel free to ask for a photo ID,” Miller said. Read more.




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