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AMS Green Team Report for March 2023

Green Team - AMS FulfillmentIn our February Green Team Report we focused on plastic waste and the process of recycling plastic waste. We described a recent recycling solution that the AMS Green Team found to help with the plastic waste generated by the fulfillment process. On average, each facility at AMS receives 60-80 stretch wrapped pallets a day, and with 5 facilities, that is A LOT of plastic waste. The Green Team located a company to pick up and properly recycle the bailed plastic stretch film once we reach 10K lbs. AMS placed 92 waste bins in all our warehouse facilities so our Teams can properly dispose of this waste, which will be collected, bailed, weighed, and stored.

Item 1 – Plastics

In the March report, we see the following with regard to plastics recycling: “AMS has discovered that one plastic bail weighs on average 250 lbs.  We need about 39 plastic bails to meet our 10K goal to be recycled, and we get money back! Since our plastic waste training on 3/10, the facility that produces the most plastic waste has accumulated 6 plastic film bails.” That’s excellent news – WTG AMS!!

Item 2 – E-book on sustainable packaging

The second item on the agenda was a new, comprehensive, and excellent e-book on sustainable packaging. It contains examples and recommendations on void fill and dunnage, sustainable mailers tape and labels, and sustainable boxes. This catalog allows AMS clients to examine what is currently available and make informed choices if they wish to move toward sustainable packaging. AMS anticipates that many clients will benefit from this catalog and choose best options for themselves and the environment.

Item 3 – Disposal of plastic hangars

The third item is another problem the Green Team has picked up on and done something about. The report says that on the last Green Team walk through the warehouses, on March 15th, they saw that plastic hangars were being thrown away – to end up in a landfill. They investigated and contacted the client, asking the client to donate, reuse or recycle their plastic hangars, which the client agreed to do.

Item 4 – AMS will be carbon neutral soon

The fourth item on the agenda is about the company’s efforts toward becoming carbon neutral. The report states, “AMS’ journey to being carbon neutral is only a few months away. As of today, our West Coast facilities have officially reported all scope 1 and 2 inventories. We have an estimate of our CO2 emissions and are pleased with the current results! Once we have the East Coast scope 1 and 2 inventories reported, we can officially submit and verify our report to offset our carbon footprint with carbon credits, making AMS carbon neutral. From there, we develop plans to reduce our CO2 emissions.

Item 5 – Great Global Cleanup!

The final item on the agenda is some fun good news. AMS employees, friends and families will be participating in Earth Day, April 22nd, with the Great Global Cleanup! Readers can learn about it HERE.

** ** **

Thank you to Samantha Hicks, Corporate Culture and Organizational Development BP, for the March 2023 Green Team Report. We’ll definitely have some Earth Day reporting to do in April!



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