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AMS Family Recognizes Employees of the Month

EOM CollageCongratulations to the AMS Employees of the Month for May 2016! We are very pleased and proud to recognize Sergio S., Silvia S., Lorenzo G., Jonathan E., Silvia M. and Cynthia M.

AMS is a large fulfillment company with a lot of employees, and one might think in such an environment it’s hard to notice and give credit to individuals. But we have chosen a different route in growing to this size: from the beginning and to this day we value a close environment that takes note of and cares about the individual employees, their wellbeing, and their job satisfaction. That’s why it’s such a pleasure to recognize “Employees of the Month”. Our people are much more to us than human resources… we are the AMS family.

We have a number of facilities, and every month we receive nominations from each facility. All facilities are in Valencia, CA. The nominations and comments demonstrate that the individual being recognized has done an outstanding job during the month, and deserves to thanked and appreciated for not only doing a job well, but for caring enough to go above and beyond.

Sergio S., Assistant Account Manager, (July 2015)
HQ Office: 29010 Commerce Center Drive

Sergio is a dedicated hard worker who has performed very well. He is such a great guy with a great attitude. Sergio has shown incredible growth, he is a fast learner, takes ownership of his tasks and is a team player always willing to help. He has expressed interest in growing within AMS and he shows it with his hard work and dedication, taking on responsibility and working well with the entire team. “It is great to have him as part of our team.” “Thanks for all your hard work Sergio!”

Silvia S., Shipping Lead (January 2004)
HQ Warehouse: 29010 Commerce Center Drive

Silvia is a very hard working person and is always at work every day. She is a very dedicated employee, always on point, and knows everything there is to know about the client she’s serving. She takes on a large workload and still finds ways to help others as much as she can. She always stays busy and is cross-trained on multiple clients. Silvia has a strong sense of pride in the job she has done for AMS for more than 10 years. She is very reliable and we can count on her to question things, making sure the job is done smoothly and correctly.

Lorenzo G., Supervisor (April 2015)
IND1: 28220 Industry Drive

Lorenzo always is at work on time with a good vibe and smile on his face. Nothing can affect his mood and he is always willing to help everybody. He is one of the youngest supervisors at AMS, and he has shown himself to be capable in handling the responsibilities given to him. He’s learning and improving daily and is someone you can truly count on.

Jonathan E., General Warehouse (February 2016)
SCO3: 27801 Avenue Scott

Jonathan has dedicated himself to the position of Lead Operations and has become very good at it. He always has a great attention to detail and is always here on time. Jonathan is a great worker and has learned fast, doing a great job for the client’s team. His amount of work in a very short period of time is impressive. “Jonathan is our fastest B2C Picker.” He is here always on time, gets along well with his co-workers and is willing to work at other buildings and in other departments.

Silvia M., Clerk Level 1 (December 2015)
WIT2: 28624 Witherspoon Parkway

Silvia is always greeting others with a smile and is eager to help in any way. During our safety walks she always asks how the walk went and wants to assist in any way. Silvia is a team player and wants to perform at the highest level as she works to continue to learn the business and excel to the best of her ability. Sylvia is deserving of this nomination because she is a very hard worker, excellent with instructions and goes the extra mile.

Cynthia M., Receiving Clerk (May 2015)
Will: 28936 Ave Williams

Cynthia is doing a great job shipping orders, communicating with Client Service and Data Entry. If she doesn’t know how to do something or how to process an order she always asks. When she finds the answer she always passes the information to other employees so that they know for future reference. She always has a good attitude and never complains if things change. Cynthia has a good relationship and respect for other employees at all times. “She always says Good Morning with a smile.”

Employees of the Month recognition is meant to be a sincere Thank You from the AMS Fulfillment Family! Whether part of the management team, client services, technology, accounting, fulfillment operations, facilities, the warehouse team, taking inventory, answering the phone, training people, making decisions, doing payroll… you are the reason for our success and we Thank You!



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