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AMS Celebrates – It’s Earth Day!!

Earth Day - AMS FulfillmentWe’ve been talking about it, and waiting for it, and here it is… Earth Day. Are we doing anything special at AMS to celebrate? The answer is… of course! AMS’ Green Team is doing some planting – veggies, wildflowers, indoor potted trees and fruit trees!

At AMS HQ in Valencia the volunteers are creating a vegetable garden; at LIV two citrus trees are going in the ground and at WIT HR there will be one citrus tree. At WIL the team is planting wildflowers and adding an indoor tree to the breakroom. At our New Holland PA location the Team will plant an apple or cherry tree, and in Delaware we will have a new apple or cherry tree at the Newark and Churchmans locations and an indoor conference room tree in New Castle. Thank you volunteers for the new life!!

Earth Day History

The first Earth Day was held on April 22, 1970. There were some serious environmental issues coming to light. Activist John McConnell and Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson spoke out and encouraged a demonstration. They gave evidence of toxic drinking water, air pollution, the effects of pesticides and more. The protest they organized was massive – 20 million Americans, which was 10% of the population, marched and engaged in protest.

Because of the massive protests, President Richard Nixon led in the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency. This was followed by laws being passed, including the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Endangered Species Act.

The Farmer’s Almanac [LINK] speaks about today’s activities as follows: “Today, not only is Earth Day meant to increase awareness of environmental problems, but it is also becoming a popular time for many communities to gather together to clean up litter, plant trees, or simply reflect on the beauty of nature.”

UN Recognition of “Mother Earth Day

From the UN website [LINK] we read the following: “The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 22 April as International Mother Earth Day through a resolution adopted in 2009. The Day recognizes the Earth and its ecosystems as humanity’s common home and the need to protect her to enhance people’s livelihoods, counteract climate change, and stop the collapse of biodiversity.

“Climate change, man-made changes to nature as well as crimes that disrupt biodiversity, such as deforestation, land-use change, intensified agriculture and livestock production or the growing illegal wildlife trade, can accelerate the speed of destruction of the planet.

“Mother Earth is clearly urging a call to action – a need to shift to a more sustainable economy that works for both people and the planet. Protecting the planet is everyone’s responsibility.”

National Parks Week

In the US, National Parks Week takes place from April 20 to April 28. It is an excellent time to visit a national park. We went to the National Parks website for more on their celebration:

“Join us for National Park Week, a nine-day celebration of everything “parks”. Not just about more than 400 national parks nationwide of different shapes, sizes, and types. Also discover what the National Park Service does through our programs and partners to preserve natural and cultural heritage and provide recreational opportunities in places across the country—and even the world!

During National Park Week entrance fees to the park are waived so that everyone can enjoy the National Park nearby. To find the closest National Park, follow this [LINK].

Thank You AMS Green Team, Activities Committee & Volunteers

The AMS Green Team and Activities Committee is a dedicated group of AMS employees who don’t just care on Earth Day, they care every day, helping AMS in so many ways to reduce the negative impact of our business on the environment.

Happy Earth Day everyone, and especially the AMS Green Team and Activities Committee! To inquire about helping and joining the Team, please contact [email protected].

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AMS Fulfillment is a Certified B Corporation, dedicated to putting People and Planet before profit. We work to B the Change we wish to see in the world.




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