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AMS: B Corporation Special Report

B Corp - AMS FulfillmentWhen we see something inspiring that B Corporations are doing, we like to share it with the readers. Such a moment has come regarding reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples in Canada and beyond. According to a message from B The Change, certified B Corporations in Canada are working with the government in exploring ways to create reconciliation models that can be applicable beyond the Canadian border.

Quoting from the message: “During a recent B Corp Leadership Development (BLD) webinar, Indigenous peoples and allies shared practices, policies, and pathways for reconciliation. Gwen Bridge of Gwen Bridge Consulting emphasized the importance of trust-based relationships as a framework for healing.”

The reason that reconciliation is so inspiring and valuable is that it seeks to address past wrongs, repair relationships, create understanding, restore trust, and rebuild. According to the article, Indigenous Peoples are 5% of the population but they maintain 80% of the biodiversity. The framework that Gwen Bridge referred to involves learning from Indigenous Peoples and it provides a foundation for a relationship.

Gwen Bridge went on to say, “It’s really important to understand how Indigenous peoples view their relationship to the land — land is the fundamental relationship. Reconciliation is the work we’re doing in support of the relationship.”

It is important to recognize harms done to Indigenous Peoples in the US and Canada, and as a B Corporation, AMS supports and appreciates efforts of B Corporations to create healing and bring about economic and social parity. Thank you Gwen Bridge Consulting. Readers can enjoy the full article linked below.

Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
Relationships As a Framework for Reconciliation Within Businesses

“By adopting the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Canada committed to legal, economic, and moral actions that acknowledge and recognize the harms done to Indigenous peoples during colonization.” Read the full article HERE.


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We are pleased to share with readers two additional B Lab articles that feature ideas and inspiration to guide businesses on the pathway to racial equity as well as information on plans for reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples.


A Framework for Collective Business Action Toward Racial Equity
New Impact Improvement Program Helps B Corps
Explore Racial Equity Practices and Policies

“Providing a way for business leaders to build anti-racist companies and a more equitable economy was the key goal at the inception of the first Racial Equity Impact Improvement Program led by B Lab U.S. & Canada. The program, launched in April 2023, included leaders from 12 Certified B Corporations who took an eight-week journey of education and exploration about racial equity with guidance from experts at partner organizations.”  Read the full article HERE.

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How B Corps Can Commit to a Racial Equity Journey
Highlights from Listen & Level Up: Disrupting with Love and Humanity

“As part of its work to build an inclusive economy that works for all people, B Lab U.S. & Canada prioritizes racial equity as one of three pillars in its Theory of Change. Initiatives in support of this include the Level program for women business owners who also identify as Black, Indigenous, or other People of Color. Through models of engagement and support on B Corp Certification, the Level program takes aim at barriers to business funding and growth these women typically face due to systemic racism.” Read the full article HERE.


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AMS Fulfillment is fully committed to diversity, equity and inclusion and we appreciate the work of other B Corporations on reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples and racial equity. We can all learn from each other and be inspired and strengthened in our efforts.



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