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A Very Impactful B Corp Month: Series #30

B Corporation - AMS FulfillmentThe month of March has been a very special one for B Corporations. The B The Change organization, and many participating B Corporations, including AMS Fulfillment, have been celebrating B Corp Month, getting to know each other, attending training webinars and accomplishing special projects. The organization concluded the celebration by reporting on how all of us B Corps are advocating for the spread of positive impact. AMS Fulfillment is proud to have been included among the businesses featured in their latest publication.

Explaining their choices of companies to feature, the organization stated:

“The broader approach to business success taken at Certified B Corporations means balancing profit with impact on stakeholders such as workers, community members, and the environment. This can play into every business decision, from which company to partner with (do they pay employees a living wage?), to product choices (which packaging has the least environmental impact?), and more. We’re going Behind the B during B Corp Month to celebrate the ways that B Corps are using business as a force for good.” 

The first B Corp featured in their article is called Get Lagos Now, located in Portland, OR. It describes itself as a partnership to support marginalized youths and people who are homeless. This business partners with another Portland business that collects working laptops, tablets and cellphones, refurbishes them and donates them to support people who are homeless in the community. Click HERE to visit their website.

The next B Corp that is featured is one we are familiar with. They have a terrific blog in which they included our own Betty-Lou Wiseman in an article featuring the achievements of women. It’s a Toronto-based marketing agency called 5&Vine that invests in startups and incubating ideas. In the article they talk about The Challenger Brand, which is a new quarterly project that includes releasing a limited-design sustainable T-shirt, with profits used for no-strings grants that go to community organizations. You can visit their website HERE.

Another featured B Corp, Moye White LLP, describes its task as providing resources for climate action and sustainability. Here is a quote from the article: With the knowledge that buildings play a large role in the climate crisis — generating almost 40% of the world’s annual CO2 emissions through operations, material, and construction —Moye White LLP helped develop a collaborative publication that looks to address climate change through changes to the built environment. You can visit their website HERE.

And finally, let’s look at AMS Fulfillment, featured for building a more diverse and knowledgeable workforce and community!!! Below is a quote from the article:

Building a knowledgeable and diverse workforce is a part of the company culture at AMS Fulfillment , which provides fulfillment and distribution services to consumer products companies. The B Corp’s 600 employees — at sites in Los Angeles, Pennsylvania, and Delaware — have access to paid personal betterment and professional training during work hours.

 “Long ago, we recognized that success in the workplace for many individuals requires ongoing training programs focused on areas where there are challenges,” CEO Jay Catlin says. “Offering paid courses during work hours allows all of our employees the opportunity for betterment. This has been a major step in equity at AMS.”

Please enjoy the full article HERE, at!

We have enjoyed B Corp Month, connecting with other B Corporations and hearing their fascinating stories.



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