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AMS Fulfillment Mission Statement

“We will provide our service in a manner that recognizes that profit and growth are not goals unto themselves, but merely outcomes of uncompromised attention to our customer, our organization, our community, our planet, and ourselves.”

Our mission-driven and balanced approach to purpose and profit has been embedded in the heart of our company since it was founded in 2002. Through the years we have built a solid foundation as a top Social Enterprise, which propelled us to become B Corporation Certified in 2017.

Principles of Our Corporate Culture

Our strong company culture is created on a shared understanding of what AMS stands for as a Purpose-Driven Company that is out to Do Good for all stakeholders, including our Customers, our Employees, our Company, our Community, and our Planet.

These five principles are reflected in our day-to-day operations as they set the tone for how our people interact with each other and with our customers. This is how we drive Success for all stakeholders:

1. Transparency

Backed by supportive Governance, we create an environment of mutual respect and open communication that benefits all of our stakeholders. We believe in honesty, integrity, and cooperation as our people work together toward common success goals within our company and on behalf of our valued clients.

We are open with our policies and procedures and honest about issues and challenges that surface. We recognize the value of sharing information, collaborating with one another, and building relationships based on trust.

2. Advancement

We believe that people, processes, and technology can and should advance and continuously improve upon the status quo. That said, we also believe in defining our best practices of today and training our people on the importance of following set operational protocols. 

Advancement at AMS also pertains to our valued employees, as we look to further their careers and enhance their lives as they gain knowledge, skills, and expertise while working at AMS Fulfillment.

3. Diversity

Diversity is essential to our open, inclusive, and dynamic culture. We value diversity in all forms and embrace everyone’s unique perspective and contribution, whether pertaining to our operational best practices or how we support our mission to Do Good for all AMS stakeholders. 

We believe that as more voices are heard and ideas are shared, we advance forward and innovate as a company. A wide diversity of backgrounds and experiences is welcomed at AMS, where everyone feels valued and respected. Our diversity of skills and talents is a necessary component of our strong and effective Team, and through this diversity, we achieve high levels of success for all stakeholders.

4. Purpose

We are aligned around a common goal, using business as a force for good to positively impact our stakeholders and the planet. Our powerful sense of community and teamwork leads to better performance and higher levels of customer satisfaction. 

We offer our Teams the opportunity to be part of something larger than oneself, where profit and growth are only a part of the overall goal to Do Good, as we look to succeed for ALL stakeholders.

5. Engagement

We firmly believe that communication, collaboration, and engagement are critical and central to our success as a fulfillment company. Engagement includes client engagement, where AMS strives to fully integrate, collaborate, and serve clients as if we were a part of their in-house operation. 

Engagement also includes employee engagement, where we can learn from our people, collaborate together on continuous improvement opportunities, embrace our culture and mission, and offer transparency with regard to happenings within the organization.

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