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East and West: A Bi-Coastal Solution Is Best!

Get Products to Your Customers in 1 – 2 Days

Regardless of where in the U.S. your customers are located, AMS Fulfillment has you covered! AMS serves both coasts with East Coast locations near Philadelphia and a West Coast facility in the Los Angeles area. This means that, geographically, AMS is your ideal partner to hit the two top population centers — and the land between them — in the United States.

We deliver to over 95% of the U.S. population in 2 or fewer days via UPS Ground, and 98% within 3 days. With over 1,000,000 sq. ft. of total warehouse space, and each facility equally capable of delivering our entire suite of omnichannel services, AMS is well positioned to be your single-source fulfillment company.

Our locations are ideal for quick drayage from major seaports and speedy delivery to customers. AMS West is located within 70 miles of the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, while AMS East is situated within a 1- to 2-hour drive from the Port of New York and New Jersey as well as the Port of Baltimore.

Versatile Facilities for Flexible Requirements

AMS facilities offer racking, pick-bin and bulk storage. Plus, with our ability to configure the environment, we are able to deal with varying levels of complexity, including our core B2B and e-commerce pick-pack-ship, along with marketing materials/POP assembly, distribution, complex display builds and other kit builds.

Our facilities are clean and new — with 30-ft. clear ceiling heights in most of our warehouses — and can be outfitted to accommodate the many needs of our diverse client base. Our in-house maintenance team is highly adept at manipulating our racking assets to create an ideal, customized environment that our engineers design based on the data collected from incoming accounts.