Inventory Management

When our clients succeed, we succeed, and Fulfillment Inventory Management plays a critical role in this success.

A worker counting the ready products stacked on the shelves in a factory storeroom.At AMS Fulfillment we understand that critical business decisions of our clients are driven by their inventory status and availability. When our clients access inventory information from our warehouse management system, that information must be accurate. With AMS integrity at stake, management of inventory becomes the personal responsibility of every member of the AMS team.

Controlling tens of thousands of stock keeping units (SKUs) for dozens of clients is no easy task. Each department at AMS Fulfillment follows strict procedures with checks and balances for receiving, put away, pulling orders, location replenishment, bin moves and ongoing quality control (including cycle counts).

The operational methodology employed by AMS allows us to eliminate inventory data corruption simply by following the rules of our operating system. In most cases, bogus inventory comes from circumventing the system. At AMS, we never circumvent the system. Instead we research problems with a dedicated Management team, find the answers quickly and ensure the system reflects accurate numbers.

When errors are encountered, we immediately report them to the Fulfillment Inventory Management department, document the issue, correct data in the system and research the cause of the error. We don’t stop until the issue is resolved, and our findings are used to either amend/improve procedures or retrain AMS personnel who brought about the error.

Systems and procedures cannot do the job alone; passion is critical, and at AMS, it’s a requirement! We take the time because we know… when our clients succeed, we succeed.

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