InSync Operations Analysis

insync-operationsAMS monitors cost at a detailed level to make sure your business is operating at Peak Performance!

As an Operations Partner for the companies we serve, associates at AMS go to work each day understanding that as our clients succeed, we succeed. From the moment of transition to the AMS fulfillment warehouse, we begin working to implement the most efficient and effective operating processes for each unique business that we serve.

To help our clients monitor the efficiency of operations on an ongoing basis, AMS utilizes an exclusive system we refer to as InSync Operations Analysis™, which is centered on a detailed financial Pro Forma. AMS Fulfillment works the process together with the client, utilizing the Pro Forma to forecast costs and business activity. The process is also designed to reveal possible inefficiencies within our fulfillment warehouse by operational cost category.

The Pro Forma tool works by feeding in data from our operating system and labor tracking system. This allows us to track costs on a detailed operational level and uncover anomalies. We compare a client’s current costs by service category against their historical costs, and also compare costs across multiple clients and industries. Cost categories include, but are not limited to: Order Fulfillment, Receiving, Returns Processing and Storage.

As an example, if during a month’s review we find a cost increase in a particular area (let’s say the cost per received unit increased by 25% over the previous month), we will investigate and determine the cause. Once we understand the cause, we may be able to help determine ways to streamline operations and bring the cost down.

This high level oversight procedure alerts us and our clients to anomalies, and is effective in uncovering issues that can develop in fulfillment that impact operating efficiency. The efficiency issues we uncover may result in less revenue for AMS, but we believe it is our responsibility to keep our clients financially healthy. Our success comes from building healthy, long-term client relationships, achieved by working pro-actively on their behalf.

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