Toys & Games

When it comes to fulfilling for the Toy industry, the AMS Fulfillment Team knows how the game is played!

AMS has experience in toys and games fulfillment, covering the vast range from anticipated seasonal surges to a sudden toy or game craze, and from high-end collectibles to oversize plush toys. We’ve shipped both direct-to-consumer and to all the big retailers that specialize in the industry.

We understand that games and toys fulfillment can hit the extremes, from huge industry successes to sudden stops with huge returns. As our clients’ partner in operations, we do all we can to maintain accurate inventory counts, keep the ship portion of the process timely and accurate, obtain great score card ratings from big retail customers, and efficiently process returns when that negative work comes.

For marketing materials and graphic fixtures, AMS Fulfillment is adept at providing sophisticated database management systems that allow client web access, store profiling, campaign development and other custom features.

Due to our years of experience in toys and games fulfillment, we have been able to fine-tune our systems to meet even the most challenging marketing demands of our clients in the toy and game industry. Our clients truly appreciate the AMS commitment to always work pro-actively, improving service levels and controlling or reducing costs.


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