Fulfillment & Distribution

The accurate and efficient picking, packing, assembly and distribution of orders are critical elements of success for our clients and also for AMS Fulfillment.

fulfillment-distribution-1Order Fulfillment Services and Distribution Services are the core service offerings of AMS – it’s what we do! We have robust “best-of-breed” systems technology, modern and scalable operating facilities, a terrific labor force, experienced management personnel and passionate inventory control procedures. All of this is in place to support the picking, packing and shipping of client orders to both business and consumer destinations. It’s what we do… and we are proudly experts at itl.

Getting inventory items shipped accurately, routed properly and delivered on time is of course an imperative function for our clients’ businesses on so many levels. At AMS, we take this responsibility to heart, knowing that our clients’ success depends upon our execution. These ideals are instilled in every every employee as a part of our own corporate culture: “Give the client your thought, energy and effort as if it were your own business, because when the client succeeds, we succeed!”

fulfillment-distribution-2AMS manages order fulfillment and distribution services for a wide variety of industries but for the most part, the service functions that fall within the broad category of “Fulfillment Services”, and the operational processes we follow within these services, remain somewhat consistent over the array of industries we serve.

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