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Employee Safety and Health

safety - AMS Fulfillment

safety - AMS FulfillmentThe first week in May was Occupational Safety and Health Week and the entire month of May is recognized as Global Health and Fitness Month. The Safety and the Health of our employees ranks high among AMS’ concerns, and we do have a strong focus in these areas, so let’s look into it.

We’re going to recognize both of these commemorations today, first by highlighting AMS’ comprehensive Safety program and secondly by pointing out the vital Health Assistance we offer to all employees.

The Commemorations

Occupational Safety and Health Week is a national commemoration dating back to 1997 when an agreement was made between Canada, the US and Mexico to focus on occupational health and safety. In the first week in May a campaign is directed at employers, employees and safety organizations, focused upon safety issues.

Global Employee Health and Fitness Month dates back to1989 when a national health organization created the commemoration, taking place in May, with the aim of improving the health of the global workforce through initiatives and helpful programs. This commemoration is focused on encouraging mental well-being and healthy living.

Occupational Safety and Health at AMS

In a fulfillment company there is risk of ergonomic injuries. Here’s what Google says about ergonomics:Ergonomics is the scientific study of people at work, and occupational ergonomics is the practice of designing tasks to fit the worker, rather than forcing the worker to fit the job. The goal of ergonomics is to improve worker performance, productivity, health, safety, and comfort, while also preventing soft tissue injuries and musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).”

At AMS we always have and always will design our tasks to fit the worker. We also protect the health of our employees through comprehensive safety training with regard to ergonomics. Every employee is trained in the best methods of avoiding strain on the body, and this training is done following OSHA guidelines.

We understand and practice the safe means of doing repetitive movements as well as safety when handling heavy packages. AMS has an outstanding safety record with far fewer lost-time injuries than most of our competitors, and we also strive for continuous improvements in our training procedures. AMS is into Safety!!

Mental Health and Healthy Living at AMS

The promotion of health and fitness is described online as follows [LINK]: “Every year in May, Global Employee Health and Fitness Month aims to improve the health of the global workforce. Through initiatives and helpful programs, the campaign encourages employers to engage their employees in healthful activities. It also provides a variety of wellness and fitness programs to complement already existing programs. Employers with wellness programs have healthier employees who are more productive. Wellness programs reduce overall healthcare costs and reduce illness and injury.”

AMS has two wellness programs in place as benefits of employment, those being our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Health Advocate Support. We encourage our employees to make use of these free programs, and they do.

The EAP covers a very wide range of employee health assistance. Employees are given access via phone to professional assistance that is free of charge. This assistance includes consultation with licensed mental health professionals to help with emotional well-being, family and relationships, work/life balance and so forth. There is also access to professional legal assistance, help with financial tools and resources, help with substance use and other addictions, and if it is needed, dependent and elder care resources.

Health Advocate Support is a mobile app offered by AMS to all employees. The app offers health services and assistance. A huge amount of information is available as well as news alerts, tips to improve well-being, and even a symptom checker for a variety of conditions to help employees decide when to call the doctor and what can be done at home.

In addition to our wellness programs, we encourage our employees to manage their health quickly and securely via the United Health Care app which helps guide them through the healthcare benefits. At this app employees can access wellness programs, earn fitness points, and redeem rewards and much more.

Our Employees Have a Stake

AMS is a B Corporation, and that means we have stakeholders in our business; those being employees, community, clients, environment and ourselves. We know the value of our employees! They directly serve our clients and that is significant value. We are committed to consider our employees when making decisions and committed to create circumstances for their well-being. Employee safety is always on our minds as is employee health.

When our employees are safe, healthy and cared for we succeed!!

To our valued employees – we encourage you to contact HR and make use of the EAP and Health Advocate support any time you have the need. We also encourage you to report any and all safety concerns to your supervisor – and we thank you for your help. Safety is a primary concern.

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AMS Fulfillment is a Certified B Corporation, dedicated to putting People and Planet before profit. We work to B the Change we wish to see in the world.



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