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Veterans Day – AMS Joins In Honoring Vets

November 5, 2019

Veterans Day is coming up soon, on November 11th. Every year, on this date, we are asked to remember and appreciate the men and women who serve now or have served in a branch of the US Military. Like millions of Americans, AMS management and employees join in this time of recognition, saluting AMS employees and family members who are vets.

We, like other Americans, realize that military service can bring about the ultimate sacrifice, and we honor veterans for being willing to make that sacrifice on behalf of our country. We are grateful that military training and service can be a benefit to soldiers when they leave the military by educating, strengthening and empowering them for a lifetime. On the negative side, we know that military service can involve a sacrifice of health and wellbeing along with other unanticipated challenges. For most citizens, the desire to help is a natural part of honoring our veterans.

As an employer in the Santa Clarita Valley, AMS is aware of employment issues that veterans face after discharge from service. We look for ways to help those who are returning to civilian life, making veterans an important part of our workforce development programs. With the assistance of partners in the community, we hire and train veterans, persons who are homeless, individuals with disabilities, and individuals with criminal justice involvement.

Due to mental health and substance abuse issues, veterans can and do become involved in the criminal justice system. Reports also indicate that around 10% of homeless people are veterans. And we all know that many veterans suffer service-related disabilities. One of the biggest challenges faced by service agencies is helping homeless and vulnerable veterans find and keep good jobs. This is where a company’s employment practices and workforce development can come into play.

There are many rewards that come with being a B-Corporation and Social Enterprise, not the least of which is having a workforce development structure and programs in place to help veterans who for one reason or another are facing employment challenges.

On this Veterans Day, 2019, we honor the American Veterans: all men and women who took service to their country on their shoulders. Rather than looking toward government as the exclusive source of solutions for veterans, we recognize that business and the community, working together, can change things for the better for our Vets.