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AMS: A Social Enterprise Serving Clients and Community

January 29, 2018

social enterprise - AMS FulfillmentAMS recently announced to the press the exciting news that the corporation has been granted certification from LA County as a Social Enterprise. This news has great importance to families and job-seekers in the SCV community, as the socially beneficial programs established by AMS over the past years are for the most part in the area of workforce development.

According to a study commissioned by the Los Angeles County Workforce Investment Board, the Transportation and Logistics Industry is one of seven high-growth sectors that will sustain career-oriented pathways for job seekers in Los Angeles County.

The study states: “Los Angeles County boasts a profound transportation and logistics sector that employs hundreds of thousands across many industries. All movement of goods, people and services are included in this broad Industry, which encompasses occupations as diverse as warehouse managers to delivery drivers and diesel engine mechanics. This industry is a core component of the broader Los Angeles economy and will continue to grow well into the near future.”

Over the past few years AMS and College of the Canyons (COC) have been in sync with the time, creating work-based college-level classroom instruction and a Logistics Apprentice Program with a Pre-Apprentice Program in the works.

What certification means to AMS and the Santa Clarita Valley community is that the educational, training and apprenticeship programs currently in effect at AMS can be continued and expanded into even more arenas benefiting job seekers and families in the community. Social Enterprise certification puts AMS in position to seek workforce development grants with specific targeted goals towards providing career opportunities to struggling job seekers within the community.

Congratulations to AMS, a trend-setting company that has known from day one that in the Logistics and Warehousing industry the employees are the greatest resource. Training, educating and promoting the people creates a more prosperous community and a more successful business, able to serve its clients more efficiently and contribute to their success.