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Series: What B Corporations do for the world #27

January 9, 2022

B Corporation - AMS FulfillmentWe’ve entered the new year, and as we look forward, we also look back to see what was accomplished in the previous year. In #27 of our B Corp series, we have visited the website and reviewed what they consider the top 21 stories published in 2021. In considering which ones to feature we remembered back to our experience of 2021 and the efforts AMS made with regard to the environment and with regard to diversity, equity and inclusion. We’ve selected two articles that are related to AMS and our interests over the year.

We have chosen an article published in March of 2021 on the supply chain and an article published in February of 2021 featuring anti-racism resources. The supply chain article features two companies that are familiar as B Corporations – Seventh Generation and Natura & Co. These companies are known for the attention they give to their suppliers, making sure their supply chain is focused on employees, and environmental health and sustainability. The supply chain article was published in recognition of B Corp Month, and the second article was published in recognition of Black History Month. It provides an anti-racist reading list, links to Black-owned bookstores that sell online, plus a long list of articles, films, videos and music. We hope you enjoy these featured articles.

B Corps Doing Business Better: Screening Supply Chains for Positive Impact

 By Screening Suppliers for Environmental and Social Practices, B Corps Benefit People and Planet

 “As we continue to celebrate B Corp Month, we share examples of just a few of the B Corps that are strengthening the stakeholder capitalism model by evaluating supplier environmental and social practices, and raising the bar for all companies to do business better.” Click HERE to read more.

Anti-Racism Resources: 47 Books, Podcasts, Movies, and More

“B Lab and the global community of Certified B Corporations are continuously developing ways to build a more just, inclusive, and actively anti-racist economy. For those interested in self-education on this topic, the team at B Lab U.S. & Canada has compiled a list of 47 recommended reading and viewing resources on systemic racism and injustice. The majority of this list was originally published on B Lab’s Anti-Racism Resources landing page in 2020. We are uplifting it now in honor of Black History Month in the United States.” Click HERE to read more.

We hope our readers are enjoyed the season of giving, and we wish everyone a wonderful new year. Let’s move forward into making it the best year ever!