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Series: What B Corporations do for the world #15

January 25, 2021

B Corporation logo - AMS FulfillmentIn our weekly B corps series we report on the ‘good for the world’ ideas that are being discussed by various B Corporations. As we know, now is the time when people come up with new year resolutions, and so it comes as no surprise that taking care of one’s personal health is on the mind of B Corps. But how do we do that amidst a pandemic?

The past year has seen so many changes that affected our health habits – persons who previously worked out in the gym could no longer do so; persons who previously would run or walk for fresh air and exercise found themselves restricted. For many, including those who are working from home, an active and healthy lifestyle became more difficult.

AMS warehouse employees are essential to the survival of the US economy and as a result they face exposure every day. In our Safety Blogs we have outlined all of the protections installed and required at AMS, and we are doing well at reducing exposure. Even with all of our protections, our employees have more reason than most to pay attention to personal health and building a strong immune system.

A healthy diet is extremely important and so is supplementing the diet with various nutrients and vitamins. And, although it’s not often discussed, stress can really be detrimental to the immune health. The CDC is offering some very good and comprehensive information on coping with stress, and that information is linked HERE.

The B Corporation articles that we are featuring this week offer tools and ideas on how to develop healthy personal habits in conjunction with ‘good for the world’ business health. We hope you enjoy this week’s articles.

Identify and Commit to Habits That Nourish Your Professional and Personal Lives
Gain Focus and Clarity for 2021 with This Holistic Planning Tool

As we head into 2021, some of the shock, change, and trauma of 2020 is behind us, but uncertainty, ambiguity, and challenge remain significant. Setting goals for how we want to work and live has never been more important, but in this current context, goal setting looks different. It’s more powerful to commit to habits that compose the professional and person you want to be than to pin down specific outcomes for the quarter or year.

And it’s important that these habits speak to both the professional and personal elements of our lives, which are more interconnected and interdependent than ever. To that end, consider what habits you want to build — and/or continue, or stop — throughout all the elements of your work and life this year.

Read the full article HERE.

Action for Good: How Pairing Exercise with B Corp Advocacy Helped Me Get Through 2020

Last summer, I challenged myself to educate family, friends and peers about Ontario’s Certified B Corporation movement. While I already do this in my volunteer role with B Local Ontario (BLO), I was eager to do more through my personal social media. So I took on a experiment to shine a light on Ontario’s 125 B Corps.

I leveraged my favorite social media platform — Strava — to spread the word. With every exercise I recorded, I would feature an Ontario B Corp (name, blurb, and location), and cross-share the activity onto my Instagram stories. So far, I’m happy to say that I’ve been able to shed a meaningful spotlight on 15 B Corps for a wide range of people.

Read the full article HERE.