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Series: AMS’ Women in Leadership

July 19, 2022

Women Leaders - AMS FulfillmentWe are excited to announce a new blog series featuring AMS’ women in leadership. As a B Corporation, we are driven by high-value standards including diversity and inclusion. We are proud to have a leadership team that is about 50% female. We are proud of our diversity and attribute our success over the last 20 years to our B Corp values.

Fortune Magazine recently published an article about the achievements of women, stating that the number of women run businesses on the Fortune 500 hit an all-time record in 2021 of 41. This is a significant milestone but the article goes on to say:  

“While these achievements are notable, they’re only part of the story. Having a total of 41 women chief executives amounts to female leadership for just 8.1% of the Fortune 500. Says Lorraine Hariton, CEO of the gender equality organization Catalyst, ‘We need to tell the optimistic—but not exuberant— story around what’s happening for women.’” 

McKinsey & Company  reported that even a 10% increase in gender diversity has a positive impact on EBITDA, above-average profitability, increased company communication and direction, as well as increased sustainability and diversity and inclusion.

Our blog series will shine the spotlight on AMS’ women in leadership positions, looking at their achievements and listening to their hopes for all women. We will ask how AMS is doing with our B Corporation goals, i.e. how are we serving our clients with integrity, transparency, and dedication to their success; how are we serving the communities in which we exist; how are we watching over and caring for the well-being of our employees; how are we focused on reducing our environmental impact; and how are we keeping ourselves and our own stability in mind in order to be a profitable business.  

Our series will be featuring the President of AMS West, the CFO, the VP of Human Resources, VP of Marketing, Directors of Client Services, and Operation Managers.  

We look forward to beginning our series by shining the spotlight on the President of AMS West, Betty-Lou Wiseman! Stay tuned!

Photo credit: Amy Hirschi