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Congrats Winners: AMS Donation Program

October 24, 2018

Recently AMS Fulfillment announced an Employee Extra Curricular Donation Program, where AMS donates $100 each month to up to three employees participating in a non-profit organization, either themselves or as sponsors of a child.

Oftentimes there are fees associated with participation in a non-profit, for items such as uniforms or equipment, travel costs, trips, training camps, creative projects and so forth. AMS’ employee donation program is intended to assist in meeting the cost of participation.

As a Certified B-Corporation, AMS strives to meet the highest standards of performance for our community, environment and employees. Employees of B-Corps take pride in their company’s efforts, and employees of AMS are no different. We are pleased to support our employees in their efforts to better the community and the world.

In September AMS donated $50 to Valencia High School Lacrosse and $50 to Valencia High School Medical Science Academy to sponsor Veronica L., AMS’ Billing Coordinator. The contribution helps to cover fees associated with participation of her stepdaughter, Mia, in her Lacrosse team and in the Sports Med Academy. The academy has several fees throughout the year for competitions, certifications and a class trip to Italy in the summer.

In the month of October AMS has donated $100 each to Zuleika G. and Olivia M. in Client Services to support their competition October 20th, 2018. They participated in their first Girls Gone RX competition to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness through, a non-profit organization focusing on the prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women. AMS’ donation will help raise awareness for young women, and we are pleased to support these efforts.

Betty-Lou Wiseman, Executive Vice President of Client Services and HR, is the executive overseeing AMS’ Community partnerships. She works closely with employees as AMS participates in several holiday giving programs, donating toys for the Sheriff’s Department drive, holding a rummage sale, donating to the Domestic Violence Center – these are a few of the things that AMS employees are eager to do for the community.

About the AMS Donation Program, Betty-Lou said, “It is always so heartwarming to see our employees putting their heart and time and energy into benefitting others, and AMS is more than happy to support them by assisting with some of the costs.”