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National Public Lands Day

September 22, 2023

Green Team - AMS FulfillmentWe’re entering another one of the beautiful seasons of our Mother Earth. What better thing to do this Saturday than visit a National Park near you!! It’s free to visit a National Park on September 23, as it’s National Public Lands Day. Take your camera, take the kids and go see something beautiful. You can search for a National Park near you at this link. [HERE]

What is Public Lands Day? The organization that created and leads this commemorative day is the National Environmental Education Foundation. They work in partnership with the National Park Service and other agencies. It’s a day when volunteers by the hundreds of thousands go in to help restore and preserve public lands. That includes national parks, but also includes rivers, green spaces and lands that are publicly owned. This year is the 30th year Public Lands Day has been celebrated, and the theme is “30 Years of Care and Community.”

The organization lists a number of ways to get involved and the first is… visit a National Park for free. The second way is to take part in a volunteer work project. The third is to enjoy the health benefits of being outdoors, and the fourth is… to leave no trace when you visit. At this National Park Service website there are a number of helpful links for Parks visitors including one where you can tell the story of your visit. [HERE]

The following statement of purpose is from the organizer’s website:

“Celebrating 30 Years of Care and Community, NPLD has joined people across the nation in the care and celebration of our public lands. From humble beginnings with one federal agency, two sites, and 700 volunteers, NPLD has grown into the largest single-day volunteer event for public lands.

“As a signature event of the National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF), NPLD fosters a strong connection between people and the environment, educating and cultivating environmental stewards. It’s also a “Fee-Free Day” where entrance fees are waived at national parks and public lands. With support from federal and state agencies, corporate sponsors, and nonprofits, NPLD ensures resilient natural spaces for generations to come, encouraging volunteering and environmental engagement.”

There are more than 400 National Parks available to everyone, every day. The fee-free days provide a great opportunity to visit a new place or an old favorite. So… if our readers are so inspired… go and check out how the Fall season is coming on in a National Park near you.

AMS Fulfillment is a B Corporation, committed to the environment as a stakeholder in the business. We believe in being earth-conscious and feel we have a special responsibility as a fulfillment company to push for earth-friendly practices. Our volunteer Green Team works diligently to recycle, preserve, conserve and care for our shared environment. Read about AMS’ purpose over profit [HERE].

We hope you can go outdoors this weekend and enjoy!!