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HUF SCV Heroes Banquet Benefits First Responders

October 24, 2018

Hero banquet - AMS FulfillmentMembers of the SCV Community recently came together for an inspiring annual event, the SCV Heroes Banquet, to benefit the L.A. County Fire Department Foundation, and the SCV Sheriff’s Foundation. The Banquet was organized by the Human Ummah Foundation (HUF) of Newhall, California. HUF is a highly regarded community organization comprised of individuals and families of the Muslim faith. In attendance were Sheriff’s Foundation Chairman, Captain Rob Lewis, President, Ken Wiseman, his wife, Betty-Lou, along with other Board members, Neil Fischer, Bruce Fortine, and his wife, Gloria Mercado-Fortine.

As in past years, HUF planned the Heroes Banquet as a means of highlighting the work of First Responders, and showing their appreciation for these heroes. The event began at 5:00 p.m., with a bazaar for the adults and children to enjoy, with raffles and booths with clothes, jewelry, art and Ramadan decorations, face painting and henna, plus a photo booth. Hors d’oeuvres included samosas, kebabs, pastries and other delicious foods unique to the culture.

The bazaar was followed by a catered dinner and presentations from the SCV Fire and Sheriff’s Department Chiefs, community leaders and leaders of HUF. Dinner guests learned about how the heroes respond during an emergency, and they also learned how their donations are used by the SCV Sheriff’s Foundation. Zara Dhar, Salma Metwaly and Asad Yazdani served as emcees for the evening, and Rehan Wani lead the Pledge of Allegiance.

Ken Wiseman, President of the Sheriff’s Foundation, wrote the following in his thank you message to the HUF Board:

“This innocence and simplicity seemed to be with us throughout this evening. The event’s stated purpose of thanking First Responders was clear; the organization’s mission of community involvement radiated throughout the event. Children were beaming as they looked at the vehicles or saw the helicopter circling above. Adults beamed too, as we got to be up-close and personal with those that look after our safety. We were in good fortune when so many uniformed First Responders were with us, smiling and snapping photos. Saturday night, we were together in fellowship and there was peace in Santa Clarita.”

The Sheriff’s Foundation is deeply appreciative of the generous HUF families for helping us in our efforts to assist the SCV Sheriff’s Station in purchasing equipment, supplies and training for Deputies and Volunteers. In organizing the Heroes Banquet, HUF is supporting our Sworn Officers, station administration, Civilian Volunteers, Explorers, the Search & Rescue Unit and Reserve Deputy Programs.

On behalf of the SCV Sheriff’s Foundation, our deepest condolences go out to HUF for the recent passing of Ayub Dhar. He was a greatly valued member of the HUF organization and the Sheriff’s Foundation. His warm personality, his energy, his very presence will be profoundly missed.