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Holiday Report: AMS Fulfillment’s “Adopt a Family” Tradition

January 20, 2022

Community Involvement - AMS FulfillmentAMS Fulfillment has a ten-year history of giving over the holidays that is unique and very special to our employees. Long before AMS became a B Corporation, the culture was very much focused on community involvement, charitable giving, and having a positive impact on our communities.

Over the years, during the holiday season, our employees have donated food and gifts to families in the community through the “Adopt a Family” program of the Val Verde Youth Activity League (YAL). The YAL is a nonprofit organized by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. The “Adopt a Family” holiday giving is an AMS company tradition that we cherish.

These very challenging pandemic years have caused the company to adapt to circumstances, but nothing has stopped the giving. In late October 2021, Samantha Hicks of AMS’ HR Programs and Services, assisted by Erica Martinez, announced the Holiday program via email and on company TV screens and promotional fliers in the warehouse breakrooms. The donations came in and by November and December of 2021 they were able to make their plans reality.

For Thanksgiving, knowing the difficulty of these unusual times, the organizers agreed that charity begins at home. The focus of the fundraising was upon helping AMS employees who were experiencing temporary difficulties, and we were very grateful to provide full Thanksgiving meals to a small number of AMS families.

For the Christmas giving we once again turned to the YAL families. AMS was able to provide $250 gift cards and full dinners to twenty of the YAL Val Verde families. The cards and dinners were delivered to the families by Ken and Betty-Lou Wiseman, Erica Martinez and AMS employees.

Ken Wiseman is AMS’ Chief Workforce Development Officer and Betty-Lou Wiseman is President of AMS West. Over the years Ken and Betty-Lou have been present and dedicated to the community, leading the effort for the “Adopt a Family” program and a number of other community programs.

Appreciation goes out to Ken and Betty-Lou, Samantha and Erica, and all AMS employees who reached in their pockets and donated their time to make the season of giving real for so many in the community! Thank You!