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For AMS Green Team Vanpooling is a Winning Idea!! 

May 7, 2021

Vanpool - Green Team - AMS FulfillmentIn our Earth Day report the AMS Green Team talked about Vanpooling, announcing that in 2017 AMS adopted Vanpool, which minimizes our Carbon Footprint.

“As of today, AMS has adopted eight Vanpools. For the 22 vehicles we are able to take off the road, this would be the equivalency of the CO2 reductions. Additionally, Vanpools are cost-saving for employees on gas and car maintenance, and they reduce parking needs.”  Click HERE for our Earth Day report.

Recently Samantha Hicks, on behalf of the Green Team, has made another announcement – and it is some good news!

“We just received our Q1 Quarterly Vanpool Environmental Impact, and we have positively impacted traffic with less cars on the road, C02 Reduction, and saved hundreds of dollars per month for our Employee Passengers! 

 “By carpooling with Enterprise, employees are not using their own personal cars, passengers have usable time back, and have a flat rate fee per pay check, which saves them money in gas, regular oil changes, tires, car depreciation with mileage, insurance rate reduction, and regular maintenance.” 

There are two more benefits of Vanpooling that seem pretty significant! The first is speed and avoidance of traffic congestion. The van can use the HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) lanes, and anyone who has driven 10 mph in rush hour traffic will see the value of this! The second benefit is a fixed schedule, which makes life more predictable and reduces stress. Nowadays anything that reduces stress is a good thing.

We encourage our employees to contact Samantha Hicks for information on how to join in Vanpooling.  [email protected]